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Singapore's Novena acquires three Taiwanese healthcare firms【2019.08.29】

Source : Deal Street Asia
Published : 2019-08-29

Singapore-based healthcare firm Novena Global Lifecare has increased its footprint in Taiwan's healthcare market with further acquisitions of three healthcare companies, according to an announcement.

Singapore-based healthcare firm Novena Global Lifecare has increased its footprint in Taiwan's healthcare market with further acquisitions of three healthcare companies, according to an announcement.

The company, through its subsidiary Novena Life Sciences, has increased its stake in Hexin Health Corporation from 20 per cent to 50.1 per cent for an undisclosed cash amount.

Novena, meanwhile, also acquired 50.1 per cent stake in Bolian Biotech and Lianwei Biotech respectively, for approximately $10 million. These latest acquisitions will boost Novena's Taiwan revenues by up to NT$1 billion (S$40 million) as the three companies are expected to cater to the health screening needs of 1 million employees in Taiwan by 2020.

Hexin is a high-end health screening and medical check-up centre, with 14 contracted medical centres across Taiwan and 11 contracted medical centres in Japan, China, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Founded in 2007, Hexin has provided health screening for over 200,000 corporate employees. Meanwhile, Bolian takes up a substantial market share of corporate health screenings in Taiwan.

Focusing on nutritional health products, treatment of chronic diseases, fitness research, and health management, Bolian and Lianwei together have combined annual revenue of over $20 million historically.

Novena, on the other hand, is one of the largest integrated medical healthcare and aesthetic groups regionally with presence in Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, India and Malaysia.

Founded in 2010, the group's network is now in 250 locations in over 20 cities and drives a $100 million revenue portfolio that provides lifecare management solutions tailored to Asian demographics. It owns the NOVU Aesthetics brand.

“We think it's timely to expand our footprint in Taiwan,” said Nelson Loh, Chairman and Co-Founder of DORR Group and Novena Global Lifecare. “The acquisitions allow us to take advantage of the growing corporate healthcare screening market, while we can look forward to synergise the services of these three companies for Taiwanese clients and beyond,” he added.

In July, Novena Global Lifecare merged with Chinese 15-minute haircut brand Xingkeduo in a $350-million deal that will create AI-driven medtech-based aesthetic and hairdressing solutions in China.

(Source: Deal Street Asia)

Taiwan scientists develop exosomes for regenerative therapy

Source : Focus Taiwan
Published : 2020-07-14

Taipei, July 13 (CNA) Taiwan's National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) has successfully cultivated key components from stem cells that hold the potential for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases...

Asus intelligent cloud software R&D Center (ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services; AICS) showed ideal performance at its debut

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-07-13

Currently, AICS has taken their first step in smart medicine by establishing the intellectualized international classification of disease code ICD-10...

MetaTech Biomed forged an alliance with Hitachi to build the largest CDMO cell factory in Asia

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-07-03

Taiwan and Japan have formed an alliance to move to the international market of regenerative medicine. MetaTech Biomed and Hitachi group have established the M&H INC, introduced automatic production technologies, leading Taiwan to join the supply chain of regenerative medicine and build the largest CDMO cell factory in Asia...

Medtronic partners with Foxconn to boost ventilator production

Source : Reuters
Published : 2020-06-19

Medtronic said on Thursday it had partnered with Foxconn to boost production of its ventilators to 10,000 over the next year amid surging demand as the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus overwhelms hospitals...

Academia Sinica conducted technology transfer of COVID-19 rapid screening kit to five industrial enterprises.

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-06-18

To build up the national team of COVID-19 screening, the Academia Sinica has developed a rapid SARS-CoV2 antigen screening kit that can effectively detect the antigen within 15 minutes...

After the 24-year battle with the epidemic, Taiwan has officially become an foot-and-mouth disease(FMD)-free country.

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-06-17

At June 16, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) officially informed and approved Taiwan as a FMD-free country without using the vaccination. This also means that Taiwan was removed from the list of the world's FMD epidemic areas...

After dedication to regenerative medicine for 18 years, the cartilage repair system of BioGend Therapeutics Co. Ltd. was certificated.

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-06-17

The Industrial Technology and Research institute (ITRI) and BioGend Therapeutics jointly held a press conference on June 16 to announce the development of the autologous cartilage repair system...

The new drug manufactured by Oneness Biotech Co. Ltd. entered phase III trials and reached the goal of unblinding.

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-06-16

The new drug for treating diabetic foot ulcer (DFC), manufactured by Oneness Biotech Co. Ltd., showed significant efficacy and reached the goal of unblinding at June 15...

Taiwan to export Mask-making Machines beginning August

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2020-04-20

Taiwan's manufacturing strength shines as Wuhan virus wreaks havoc globally...

Webinar: Taiwan's medical technologies and business opportunities stimulated by COVID-19

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-17

The webinar was aimed at addressing Taiwan experience in infectious disease control and facilitating tangible opportunities between Thailand and Taiwan...

PhytoHealth's New Analgestic Drug Approved by TFDA

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-16

PhytoHealth Corporation will focus on the world's largest markets of analgestic drugs, including North America, Japan, and Mainland China, to make effort on the technology licensing fees and the royalties for new drug sales in the near future...

LEO Pharma Enters License Agreement with Oneness Biotech and Microbio Shanghai for FB825 a Novel Atopic Dermatitis and Asthma Drug Candidate

Source : Yahoo Finance
Published : 2020-04-16

Leo Pharma is paying $40 million upfront and $530 million in biobucks to license a midstage experimental eczema and asthma drug...

PharmaEssentia announced P1101, the new drug for treating COVID-19, to apply US clinical trials

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-16

PharmaEssentia announced on April 16 that the schedule to apply the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program (CTAP) clinical trials from US's FDA and to examine the treatment efficacy of P1101...

Qisda Acquires Dong-Hui Medical in Deal Worth NTD $470 Million

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-27

Qisda announced to spend 100 million RMB to acquire 18.35% shareholdings of DongHui Medical Corporations in Guigang...

Taiwan Hitachi Asia Pacific and MetaTech (AP) Agree to Establish Joint Venture Company in the Regenerative Medicine Field

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-14

Contributing to the development of the regenerative medicine business in Taiwan...

TCI launched the first QVS-96 virus scanner for Covid19 testing

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-14

TCI CO., Ltd launched the QVS-96 virus scanner. The QVS-96 virus scanner has an accuracy of 99.9%, can be consecutively operated for 24 hours, and can screen around 900 samples per day...

Taiwan Research Team proposes alternative Coronavirus Cure

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2020-04-15

NCHU's findings published in scientific journal as researchers introduce new strategy for developing COVID-19 remedies...

FDA Authorizes New Two-Minute Serological Test Kit to Detect COVID-19

Source : Mass Device
Published : 2020-03-31

BodySphere is positioned to have millions of COVID19 Two-minute test kits on the front lines in weeks...

Tri-Service General Hospital Collaborated with Trican Biotechnology to develop rapid screening reagents and new drugs against COVID-19

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-27

On March 26, the Tri-Service General Hospital announced the collaboration with Trican Biotechnology, strived to develop the rapid screening reagents for COVID-19...

Wistron to Invest NTD 800 mln for Biomedical and Healthcare

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-27

Wistron increased the investment and its subsidiary Wistron Medical Tech Holding Company increased the capital by by 800 Million dollars...

Pharmaengine's ONIVYDE for Treating Pancreatic Cancer obtained the License for Japanese Marketing

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-26

On March 25, Pharmaengine has announced that the combined therapy using their anticancer drug ONIVYDE plus 5-FU/LV has been approved by MHLW to be launched on the Japanese market...

NHIA works with Quanta Computer to provide AI System with the Integration of the Cooperative Platform

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-25

National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) announced yesterday (3/24) to work with Quanta Computer to provide Artificial Intelligence Platform System. By integrating the concept of cooperative platform

AIT to Boost Cooperation with Taiwan for Vaccine

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2020-03-17

The US and Taiwan would work to cooperate on the research and development of vaccines to fight the viral pandemic, the AIT said.

Quanta Computer and TSGH Jointly Develop AI Precision Medicine

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-17

Quanta Computer and the Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) signed a memorandum of understanding on March 11 to jointly develop artificial intelligence medical applications...

Advantech to Launch Telemedicine Trials in Second Half of 2020

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-13

Advantech's recent investments in the development of its WASE-PaaS telemedicine platform involves collaboration with three or four hospital groups, nursing homes and remote health centers...

KMU and GBC Collaborate on Developing a Fully Automatic Fast Screening Reagent for COVID-19

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-13

Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) signed a memorandum of understanding March 11 with General Biologicals Corporation (GBC) for the joint R&D of COVID-19 rapid screening reagents...Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) signed a memorandum of understanding March 11 with General Biologicals Corporation (GBC) for the joint R&D of COVID-19 rapid screening reagents

PharmaEssentia Gotten Registration Verification for MCSR in Massachusetts

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-13

PharmaEssentia announced on March 12 that its subsidiary, PharmaEssentia USA, has completed Controlled Substances Registration in Massachusetts, alloing it to sell prescription drugs there

Adimmune Corp Looking to Start Covid-19 Vaccine Trials in May

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2020-03-12

Taiwan-based vaccine maker Adimmune Corporation has announced that a candidate vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) could be ready for animal trials as soon as May.

Rapid COVID-19 Screening Kits could be Available by Year-end

Source : CNA News
Published : 2020-03-12

Rapid screening kits being developed by Taiwan's National Health Research Institute (NHRI) for the coronavirus disease COVID-19 could be available for use by medical personnel by the end of the year...

Bora Pharmaceuticals Buys GSK Plant in Ontario

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-10

CDMO Bora Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. is expanding its production capabilities with the acquisition of a production facility in Mississauga, ON from pharmaceuticals manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the company announced in a release Monday...

Taiwanese Genome Researchers just Developed a Rapid 15-minute COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

Source : TechStartups
Published : 2020-03-09

A team of genome researchers at Academic Sinica has developed a rapid testing that can shorten the time for nucleic testing, the standard testing to confirm coronavirus cases, from 4 hours to 15 to 20 minutes.

Taiwan synthesizes anti-viral drug favilavir for COVID-19 patients

Source : CNA News
Published : 2020-03-03

Taiwan's non-profit Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) announced Monday that it has synthesized favilavir, an experimental medication being used in other countries as an investigational therapy to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus...

Taiwan university introduces machine to prolong mask life

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2020-03-01

Invention utilizes atmospheric-pressure plasma to kill bacteria on masks

Taiwan successfully synthesizes antiviral drug remdesivir

Source : CNA
Published : 2020-03-03

Two Taiwanese research teams have synthesized remdesivir, an experimental medication that has shown promise in fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that has left more than 2,200 people dead since the outbreak began in December...

Vaccine for new coronavirus 'COVID-19' could be ready in 18 months: WHO

Source : Fox News
Published : 2020-02-12

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Tuesday that it hopes to have a vaccine for the novel coronavirus within 18 months, but until then, countries will have to make do with what they already have.

Diagnostic test for diabetic kidney disease receives EU approval

Source : Focus Taiwan
Published : 2020-02-12

A clinical test designed by a Taiwanese biotech company that predicts a patient's risk of diabetic kidney disease has been approved for sale in the European Union, the company said Tuesday...

PharmaEngine partner gets FDA fast track status for NBTXR3 (PEP503) to investigate in head and neck cancer

Source : Bioportfolio
Published : 2020-02-12

Drug developer PharmaEngine Inc said its French partner Nanobiotix SA has secured fast track designation from the US FDA for the investigation of NBTXR3 (PEP503) in head and neck squamous cell cancer...

Coronavirus has an ‘HIV-like mutation' which helps it to attack human cells, scientists claim

Source : Metro
Published : 2020-02-05

The coronavirus has an ‘HIV-like' mutation which helps it to bind with human cells at a terrifyingly effective rate, Chinese scientists have claimed.

FDA clears Cleveland Clinic 3D-printed airway stents

Source : Medical Design & Outsourcing
Published : 2020-02-03

Cleveland Clinic physician Tom Gildea developed the stents to keep open the airways of patients with serious breathing disorders caused by inflammation, trauma, tumors and other masses...

WHO officials say coronavirus spread outside of China is of 'grave concern'

Source : CNBC
Published : 2020-01-31

The spread of a fast-moving virus outside of China is of “grave concern” and has prompted the World Health Organization to reconvene an emergency meeting this week to decide whether it's a global health emergency.

Applying AI to chest x-rays improves care for congenital heart disease

Source : Ai in Healthcare
Published : 2020-01-31

Deep learning-based analysis of chest x-rays can be used to predict the pulmonary to systemic flow ratio of patients with congenital heart disease, according to a new study published in JAMA Cardiology.

China's Virus Outbreak Triggers a Global Run on Face Masks

Source : Yahoo
Published : 2020-01-31

People across the globe are stockpiling facial masks to protect themselves from the new coronavirus, depleting online malls and store shelves from California to Beijing. Yet their efficacy against an outbreak that's claimed more than 130 lives remains uncertain...

Microsoft launches major $40M AI for Health initiative

Source : Healthcare IT News
Published : 2020-01-31

The five-year project will focus on enabling faster medical research innovations, protecting against global health crises and improving access to care, the company says.

Teva Announces FDA Approval of AJOVY (fremanezumab-vfrm) Injection Autoinjector

Published : 2020-01-31

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. an affiliate of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NYSE and TASE: TEVA) today announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an autoinjector device for AJOVY® (fremanezumab-vfrm) injection...

NIH working on vaccine for coronavirus

Source : Bethesda
Published : 2020-01-30

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in Bethesda is working to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus...

Eko's AI Algorithm To Detect Heart Conditions Cleared By US FDA

Source : Yahoo
Published : 2020-01-30

US regulators have cleared a suite of cloud-based artificial intelligence software intended to be used with Eko's digital stethoscopes to detect certain heart problems. The company says the AI algorithms are the first of its kind to be cleared by the US FDA...

Osaka University transplants iPS cell-based heart cells in world's first clinical trial

Published : 2020-01-30

An Osaka University team said it has carried out the world's first transplant of cardiac muscle cells created from iPS cells in a physician-initiated clinical trial...

2019 Healthcare + Expo Taiwan Kick starts with a grandeur ceremony at Taipei

Source : Biospectrum Asia
Published : 2019-12-10

The Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the MedTech, Digital technology, and bio-pharmaceutical sectors striving together to shape the futuristic Healthcare system...

Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo to provide advanced MedTech solutions and B2B opportunities

Source : BioSpectrum Asia
Published : 2019-12-05

Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo to provide advanced MedTech solutions and B2B opportunities...

Taiwan Healthcare Industry Players Seek to Explore Opportunities in Malaysia【2019.12.02】

Source : PR Newswire
Published : 2019-12-02

Delegates from 7 premier healthcare services providers from Taiwan met up with their Malaysian counterparts on 2nd December in Kuala Lumpur in a bid to promote Taiwan's medical care services internationally...

ANXO Pharma signs Cooperation Agreement with Large Korean Pharma Company【2019.11.08】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-11-08

Through the agreement, ANXO Pharma authorizes its Korean partners to conduct domestic clinical trials on its special CNS drugs, and provides sales rights in the Korean market...

Johnson Health Tech acquires 60% stake in FUJIIRYOKI for JPY6.7 billion【2019.11.07】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-11-07

Johnson Health Tech, the world's third-largest fitness equipment manufacturer 10/29 announced its acquisition of FUJIIRYOKI, Japan's largest massage chair manufacturer from the Asahi Group...

National Taiwan University Hospital Debuts 3 New Technologies at Taiwan Healthcare + Expo【2019.11.04】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-11-04

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) announced its AI-SWAS and AI-CDSS systems which respectively apply artificial intelligence techniques to remote wound diagnoses and categorization of dermatological diseases, along with a system for full-body precision medicine diagnosis...

SciVision Obtains License to Market Products in Russia【2019.11.02】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-11-02

SciVision has announced its official entry into Russia, where sales are expected to contribute to its 4Q revenue. SciVision's Russian partner has extensive experience distributing American and European orthopedic medical products...

TaiGen's New Flu Drug Expands Its Asia-Pacific Licensing【2019.11.01】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-11-01

TaiGen announced submission of its new flu anti-viral drug TG-1000 for pre-IND meeting with the National Medical Products Association, with plans for clinical trials in the US, Taiwan, Japan and Korea beginning next year...

Compal and University to Set up GTP Lab for Cell Therapy【2019.10.24】

Source : DigiTimes
Published : 2019-10-24

The cooperation will focus on research in new-generation cell therapy technology and integrating related research results in the US and Japan to develop tumor cell vaccines and CAR-T...

NARL Cloud Platform Starts【2019.10.23】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2019-10-23

The Taiwan Computing Cloud (TWCC) platform officially began commercial operations this month after a soft launch in May, and its efficiency is estimated to up to 8 times better than existing platforms on the market...

Medigen Biotech Teams up with Japan's MEDINET to Enter Taiwan's Cell Therapy Market【2019.10.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-18

Medigen Biotech will cooperate with Taiwan hospitals to apply the GDT line for immune cell therapy. Taiwan is the second country in Asia to authorize such treatments...

GOYOURLIFE Collaborates with CLOUDMED to Enter the Reproductive Medicine Field【2019.10.13】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-16

GOYOURLIFE and CLOUDMED debuted their jointly developed embryo quality assessment system, using AI technology to automatically assess and score embryos for viability...

TaiMed Signed an Agreement with US NIH for the Licensing of VRC07-523LS【2019.10.12】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-12

TaiMed will combine with VRC07-523LS and TMB-Bispecific Antibodies for drug development targeting as the HIV second-line treatment therapy in the future...

HTC Medical Pushes Newly Approved AI Platform – Medical VR Assistant【2019.10.08】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-08

HTC released its latest medical imaging development platform – DeepQ AI. DeepQ features algorithms that can effectively learn from small-sized datasets, producing models that can increase diagnostic accuracy to 90%...

Taiwan iWEECARE Receives US$1m FDI【2019.10.08】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-08

Taiwan startup iWEECARE is developing the world's smallest smart thermometer patch. The Temp Pal provides automatic, continuous, remote monitoring of body temperature and early warning systems...

GeneReach Wins SAU Epidemic Prevention Bid【2019.10.07】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-07

GeneReach announced it had secured a tender bid from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SAU) to provide its POCKIT Central automatic nucleic acid detection system...

NHRI Cell Therapy Lab Unveils Cooperation Agreement with NCKU【2019.10.04】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-04

Taiwan's National Health Research Institute (NHRI) entered into an agreement with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) to share clinical and laboratory resources for join stem cell therapy clinical trials...

Investment Makes Denka Largest Shareholder in PlexBio【2019.10.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-03

PlexBio officially formed a strategic alliance with Denka, with Denka acquiring more than one-third of PlexBio's equity through a private placement...

Eirgenix's CDMO Business Successfully Lands in China 【2019.10.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-03

Leads Biolabs contracted EirGenix to develop and produce the anti-LAG-3 full-human innovative antibody LBL-007, which has now obtained China NMPA approval for phase I clinical trials...

TaiMed Biologics bullish on Trogarzo after EU body approves marketing【2019.10.01】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2019-10-01

A TaiMed official said the firm's marketing partner Theratechnologies is to negotiate with regulatory bodies in the eurozone

Innolux Startup Incubator Nurtures Innocare Through the Healthcare Sector【2019.09.23】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-23

Innocare provides vertically integrated X-Ray FDP manufacturing, and now has integrated a complete X-Ray component supply chain...

Grapeking and ACBT to Collaborate on Cosmetic Pharmaceuticals in Malaysia【2019.09.20】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-20

On September 11, GK BIO, a joint venture between Grapeking and All Cosmos Bio-Tech (ACBT), announced the signing of an agreement to market Grapeking health food products in foreign markets...

Taiwan to host MedInfo 2023【2019.09.11】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-11

Taiwan was selected from 61 member states and 51 academic institutions to host Medinfo 2023...

Onyx Healthcare and TVGH collaborate on AI-enabled OR Transport Robot【2019.09.06】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-06

Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) has developed Taiwan's first native AI smart transport robot specific for operating room applications.

Pharmadax obtains approval in mainland China【2019.09.05】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-05

Pharmadax announced on June 26 that its Quetiapine fumarate ER tablet has obtained five “First Generics” certifications, signing a five-year exclusive distribution contract with Shanghai Guochuang Pharmaceuticals, with the aim to secure 20% market share within three years.

United BioPharma successfully completes Taiwan FDA GMP inspection for its 2000L commercial scale manufacturing facility【2019.09.02】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-02

United BioPharma (UBP) announces that its newly constructed 2000L commercial scale biologics manufacturing facility in Hukou, Taiwan has been successfully inspected by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and granted with PIC/S GMP certificate.

Abnova Completes GMP Manufacturing Agreements and Appoints Aldevron and Lentigen for its Gene-Modified T Cell【2019.09.02】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-02

On August 26, Abnova announced the completion of GMP manufacturing agreements and appointment of Aldevron and Lentigen to manufacture the respective transfer plasmid and lentiviral vector for its gene-modified T cell therapy clinical trials...

E-Ink and DCI collaborate on Medical Information Displays【2019.09.02】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-02

E-Ink announced a collaboration with DCI, a smart medical care technology solution provider, to develop a Patient Information Display (PID) and ward information display (RID) to be manufactured by DCI using E-Ink's electrophoretic ePaper technology..

Quanta and E-Da Hospital team up on AI smart healthcare【2019.08.29】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-29

On August 16, E-Da Hospital and Quanta announced collaboration applying artificial analysis and big data analysis techniques to create a self-learning system to improve chest X-ray analysis.

Applied BioCode joins ADL to attack European Allergen Testing【2019.08.28】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-28

On August 19, Applied BioCode announced its cooperation with the Allergy Data Lab, Europe's largest allergen testing laboratory, to promote the fast-growing allergen testing market...

Panion & BF Biotech enters the Healthcare Market with an eye on China【2019.08.20】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-20

Panion & BF Biotech is planning to launch new products including energy drinks and a Microneedle patch by early next year. The energy drinks line helps athletes improve endurance and relieves muscle soreness...

Dyaco International and Philips collaborate on innovative physiotherapy solutions in Europe, Middle East, and Africa【2019.08.10】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-19

Dyaco International August 5 announced that Philips had authorized the company to expand operations from North America to Eureop, the Middle East and Africa to provide specialized equipment for nursing staff, including a new series of specialized rehabilitation equipment to provide improved access to innovative and effective healthcare technology solutions.

ScinoPharm Taiwan will launch two new drugs in 2019 Q4【2019.08.08】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-08

ScinoPharm expects to launch two new drugs in the fourth quarter this year, including an injectable antiemetic for use in adjuvant chemotheraphy, and its Fondaparinux antibiotic. The company has begun production planning and raw materials procurement in anticipation of orders beginning next year...

TaiMed Receives US FDA Approval for TMB-365 Phase 1 Clinical Trial【2018.08.07】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-07

TaiMed recently received US FDA approval for the initial phase of clinical trials for its new anti-HIV drug TMB-365...

First Asian medical AI startup's CT imaging detection solution by US FDA approval【2019.08.05】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-05

Taiwan-based Deep01's AI-based CT imaging cerebral hemorrhage detection solution DeepCT officially obtained US FDA approval on July 10, the first Asian AI startup to do so, and positioning Deep01 as an industry leader in the Asia Pacific region...

AP Biosciences and Tasly Holdings Group sign Agreement for New Drug Development【2019.08.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-03

AP Biosciences and Tasly Biopharmaceuticals signed cooperative development and authorized agreement of new antibody drug...

The Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan Continues to Lead a Medical Innovation Hub With Its Strength in Digital Health, Health Tech and Medicine【2019.08.02】

Source : Financial Post
Published : 2019-08-02

Following the success last year, the Healthcare+ Expo sees a rapid growth in size and significance of procurement, networking and marketing...

Taiwan NBRP Sign 2 MoUs with Japan Shonan iPark and AstraZeneca【2019.08.01】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-02

National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) signed 2 memorandums of understanding (MoUs) on July 24, 2019 with Shonan Health Innovation Park (Shonan iPark) and AstraZeneca to promote a next-generation biomedical research ecosystem, as well as to accelerate the development of Taiwan's biomedical industry in NBRP.

Taiwanese EV-71 vaccine could hit market in 2020【2018.07.30】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2019-07-31

A vaccine for enterovirus 71 (EV-71) is undergoing clinical testing and might go to market next year, pediatricians said yesterday in Taipei at the release of a book about Taiwan's fight against the disease since the 1998 epidemic that killed 78 children...

Taiwan to build AI annotated Medical Image Database【2019.07.30】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-30

Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology announced on July 25 that it will promote a “Medical Imaging Project” to establish Taiwan's first domestic inter-institution “AI Annotated Medical Image Database”...

Foresee Pharma and PFMP sign Agreement for New Procurement and Manufacturing of New Prostate Cancer Drug【2019.07.24】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-24

Foresee Pharma commissioned PFMP to develop and produce the FP-001 prefilled syringe product line in 2014.

Qisda plans NT$1.1b investment in China JV【2019.07.24】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-24

Qisda has announced a joint venture that will provide the firm access to the mainland China dialysis market, allowing it to expand its current business scope...

Taiwan Protein Project Successfully Enhances Taiwan's Biotechnology Industry R&D【2019.07.22】

Source : Academia Sinica
Published : 2019-07-22

Academia Sinica's Institute of Biological Chemistry released a new DNA sequencing method. This new method can speed up DNA sequencing that takes about five minutes to sequence would take less than five seconds using the new approach, speeding up the process by 60 to 100 times.

Quanta Computer donates AI medical cloud integration platform to NTUH for accurate and rapid medical diagnosis assistance【2019.07.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-18

Quanta Computer recently donated its QOCA® AIM platform to NTUH. In the future, this will be combined with a huge medical database to increase diagnosis speed and accuracy.

InnoPharmax's new C08001 hypertension drug licensed to XinShiDai Pharm for $45m【2019.07.16】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-16

InnoPharmax has announced an agreement with XinShiDai Pharm for bioequivalence (BE) and related human trials for C08001, and will be applying for certification in China, the US and elsewhere under 505(b)(2) guidelines for 2nd class new drugs.

ACT Genomics Opens Third Laboratory in Hong Kong, plans IPO at HKEX following Next Financing Round【2019.07.15】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-15

ACT Genomics recently opened a next-generation sequencing laboratory in Hong Kong aimed to dominate the Greater China genetic testing market, expanding the firm's footprint in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau to meet growing demand for genetic screening services for cancer.

Applied BioCode and Sinopharm Group sign agreement to deploy disease prevention system in China【2019.07.12】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-12

Applied BioCode has signed a distribution agreement with Sinopharm Medical Devices (Beijing) to sell the company's BioCode 2500 multi-in vitro diagnostic and digital bio-barcode (BMB) system...

Taiwan team research reduces antibody drug side effects【2019.07.10】

Source : CNA News
Published : 2019-07-10

A team from Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) has obtained patents in several countries for groundbreaking research that enhances the selectivity and safety of antibody drugs, the school announced at a press conference Wednesday.

Taiwan Aims to Boost Sales in US Market with New Cost-Saving Medical Devices【2019.07.05】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-05

Medical Inventions Promote Smart Technology and Minimally invasive Surgery

Taiwanese, Indian scientists explore R&D avenues in herbal sector【2019.07.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-03

A group of Taiwanese scientists from National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM) Taipei, Taiwan were recently in India to explore the Dhauladhar mountain ranges of Himalayas, a treasure trove of flora, medicinal herbs and fauna.

Insight Medical Solutions' InsightEyes EGD System receives TFDA approval【2019.07.01】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-01

Insight Medical Solutions' InsightEyes EGD System has received TFDA approval and is being actively deployed in China, Europe, the US and other countries.

Phytohealth signs MOU with Australian pharma【2019.06.30】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-30

Phytohealth has announced a recent MOU with major Australian pharmaceutical companies for distribution in Australia and New Zealand of new drugs currently in the approval process.

TVGH signs agreement with Taiwan AI Labs to expand medical technology innovation【2019.06.29】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-29

Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) president Chang De-ming recently signed a letter of intent with Du Yi Jing, founder of Taiwan AI Labs to develop a new technology cooperation plan for the development of methods for the automatic interpretation and analysis of medical imaging to assist in clinical diagnosis.

Menarini to Distribute PlexBio IntelliPlex MDx System【2019.06.28】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-28

Florence, Italy-based A. Menarini Diagnostics has signed a deal to exclusively distribute PlexBio's IntelliPlex system in western Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

TLC Announces Development and License Agreement with Birdie Biopharmaceuticals for NanoX™ Immunotherapy Product【2019.06.27】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-27

Taiwan Liposome Company, Ltd. (“TLC”), a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and commercialization of novel nanomedicines designed to target areas of unmet medical need in osteoarthritis, pain management, ophthalmology and oncology, today announced the signing of a development and license agreement with Birdie Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (“Birdie”)

NTUH introduces AI skin disease diagnostic support system【2019.06.26】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-26

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) on Wednesday unveiled a skin disease diagnostic support system that will help doctors identify skin diseases by using artificial intelligence and smartphone apps to increase the precision of clinical diagnosis and reduce intrusive medical checks.

Phalanx Biotech and Hybribio sign strategic cooperation for one-stop genetic testing service【2019.06.24】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-24

Phalanx Biotech and China's Hybribio announced they had signed an MOU to integrate their gene chip technologies and platforms to provide one-stop genetic testing for women and children.

Lumosa Therapeutics new stroke drug LT3001 secures Phase II US FDA approval【2019.06.24】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-24

Lumosa Therapeutics has announced US FDA Phase II approval for LT3001, which will begin clinical trials in the United States in either Q3 or Q4 this year.

MetaTech and E-Da Hospital jointly propose cell therapy for autologous fibroblasts and chondrocytes【2019.06.23】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-23

MetaTech has announced its formal application to provide chondrocyte therapy and skin cell therapy in cooperation with E-Da Hospital.

Wistron and KMUH develop an integrated home care and case management system【2019.06.22】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-22

Winstron's newly developed platform uses IoT technology to integrate household information within a household case management infrastructure.

PuriBlood leukocyte reduction filter approved in Taiwan and US 【2019.06.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-21

At the end of 2018, PuriBlood's leukocyte reduction filter secured US FDA approval, making it the fourth such team to obtain approval.

GWOXI's new laboratory will accelerate the development of new drugs for rare diseases 【2019.06.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-21

GWOXI has recently announced the establishment of a laboratory for the development of advanced medical products through the Production Technology Platform of Pharmaceutical Grade Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Products.

Centerlab and strategic partners raise nearly $3.3b to acquire Galcbiotech【2019.06.20】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-20

Centerlab announced on June 6 that it will join forces with European and American medical fund GL Sandrose L.P., and Ausnurtria Dairy Corp., to assist Genlac International in acquiring Glacbiotech.

Applied BioCode new enteritis diagnostic receives US 510(k) approval 【2019.06.19】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-19

Applied BioCode's new enteritis diagnostic has received US FDA 510(k) approval and is expected to increase diagnostic efficiency.

Chi-Med Announces Positive Results from Phase III SANET-ep Study of Surufatinib on Advanced Non-Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors 【2019.06.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-18

Chi-Med announces that the independent Data Monitoring Committee (“IDMC”) of the Phase III pivotal study of surufatinib in advanced neuroendocrine tumors

AmCad BioMed achieves recognition for innovative medical device, launches collaboration with prominent Japanese medical institutions to promote disease guidelines 【2019.06.14】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-14

To promote its “Guidelines for the Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules”, Japan's Mammary Thyroid Ultrasound Medical Association is collaborating the AmCad BioMed to include these guidelines in AmCad's innovative AmCAD®-UT medical device...

Taiwan Biomaterial launches acquisition strategy【2019.06.10】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-11

Taiwan Biomaterial, a high-end innovative medical materials company that combines precision machinery and electronics currently trades over-the-counter at NT$42.

ABNOVA and NCCHE collaborate on New Cancer Treatment Technologies【2019.06.10】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-11

ABNOVA announced a new collaboration with Japan's National Cancer Center Hospital East (NCCHE) to use IL-12 genetically modified T-cell manufacturing technologies for cancer treatment in a decentralized

Japan's Toray seeks Fast Approval for 'single drop' Cancer Blood Test 【2019.06.09】

Source : Nikkei Asia Review
Published : 2019-06-09

Japan materials group Toray Industries will apply this year for fast-track government approval to sell a cancer screening test that requires only one drop of blood...

Mycenax brings in Norway's Vectron to create a high-yield Microbial Platform【2019.06.09】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-11

On May 28, Mycenax announced a cooperative agreement with Norway's Vectron to develop microbial stains to create a high-yield microbial platform for global CDMO orders.

Reber Genetics's PCV2 Subunit Vaccine obtains approval for sale in Taiwan 【2019.06.06】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-11

Following the launch of the world's first PRRS vaccine, Reber Genetics has announced its application for PCV2 animal vaccine has been reviewed and approved by the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine for sale in Taiwan.

Excelsior Biopharma launches overseas M&A program 【2019.06.06】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-06

Excelsior Biopharma has launched a 3-year overseas development plan. On May 14, the company's chairman announced a recent capital raise of NT$450 million for mergers and acquisitions in Asia in a bid to accelerate market expansion.

CMUH joins forces with EVER FORTUNE to pursue medical AI applications【2019.06.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-03

On May 24 China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) announced a collaboration to transfer medical AI technology to EVER FORTUNE Corp. in a project that combines rich expertise and data resources from CMUH, EVER FORTUNE and China Medical University (CMU)...

EVER SUPREME BIO Receives TFDA Approval for ADCV Phase 2 Clinical Trial【2019.06.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-03

On May 23, EVER SUPREME BIO 's Adjuvant Dendritic Cell Vaccine (ADCV) was approved for phase II clinical trials for treatment of malignant brain tumors...

Medigen Biotech's Cell Therapy Services enter Into Hong Kong【2019.06.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-03

On May 23, Medigen Biotech Corp. signed a five-year agreement with Zhong Ji to collaborate on immune cell culturing technology development...

TLDC, ICare Health sign MoU to realize the promise of Cell Therapy【2019.06.01】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-01

Taiwan Land Development Corporation (TLDC) and ICare Health have entered into an MOU to jointly invest NT$500 million for collaboration with medical institutions to develop autologous Immune Killer Cell treatments...

CHUH, EVER SUPERME BIO Cell Therapy Approved for Treatment of Solid Tumors 【2019.05.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-05-21

On May 15, the Department of Health and Welfare approved the stem cell therapy application from China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) and EVER SUPERME BIO, only the second such application to be approved in Taiwan...

Digital Medicine Alliance launched by 3 Taiwan academic research institutes 【2019.05.18】

Source : Taiwan Today
Published : 2019-05-21

The Digital Medicine Alliance was launched by three Taiwan academic research institutions May 14 in Taipei City with the aim of bolstering integration of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and data analysis in health care...

Nobel laureate to lead Japan's 1st center for cancer immunotherapy【2019.05.19】

Source : The Asahi Shimbun
Published : 2019-05-22

Kyoto University will grant the desire of its most recent Nobel laureate, immunologist Tasuku Honjo, establishing Japan's first research center on cancer immunotherapy...

United BioPharma Receives China NMPA Approval for UB-421 Phase 3 ART-Substitution Trial in HIV-infected Patients【2019.05.17】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-05-17

United BioPharma (UBP) announced today that they have received Investigational New Drug (IND) approval from China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) to conduct a multi-nation, multi-center phase 3 clinical trial with UB-421 substitution monotherapy for HIV-infected adults...

EirGenix, Inc. Enters Into Global License Agreement for the Commercialization of its Biosimilar Drug EG12014 【2019.04.30】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-05-03

EirGenix, Inc. announced that it has entered into a license agreement with global generic and biosimilar drug manufacturer Sandoz AG, granting an exclusive license to Sandoz for right of commercialization of EirGenix 's breast cancer biosimilar drug, EG12014 (Herceptin Biosimilar) globally with the exception of Taiwan and mainland China.

Oncolys and Chugai reached a licensing agreement for Telomelysin (OBP-301)【2019.04.10】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-04-10

Oncolys struck a deal with Chugai Pharmaceutical for the development, manufacture and marketing of the drug OBP-301 in Taiwan and Japan

PharmaEngine partner gains European approval for PEP503 (NBTXR3) 【2019.04.08】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2019-04-08

Drug developer PharmaEngine Inc said its French partner Nanobiotix SA has received European market approval for PEP503 (NBTXR3), enabling commercialization of the nanoparticle radio-enhancer in the EU for the treatment of locally advanced soft-tissue sarcoma.

Novo Nordisk partners with Taiwan's Health2Sync to bring its diabetes management app to Japan【2019.03.12】

Source : Fierce Biotech
Published : 2019-03-12

Novo Nordisk has partnered with Taiwan-based Health2Sync to help promote the latter's digital diabetes management app in Japan...

PharmaEssentia and AOP Orphan Receive EU Approval of Besremi™ for Treatment of Polycythemia Vera (PV) in EU【2019.02.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-02-21

PharmaEssentia today announced that the European Commission (EC) has approved Besremi® (ropeginterferon alfa-2b, P1101) as monotherapy in adults for the treatment of polycythaemia vera without symptomatic splenomegaly...

Foresee Pharmaceuticals Enters Exclusive License Agreement with Accord Healthcare【2019.02.11】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-02-11

An exclusive license agreement for the commercialisation of Foresee Pharmaceutical's novel FP-001 program (leuprorelin depot), Leuprolide Mesylate Injectable Suspension (LMIS) ready-to-use subcutaneous depot formulations has been granted to Accord Healthcare....

TLC appoints George Spencer-Green as CMO【2019.02.05】

Source : BioSpectrumAsia
Published : 2019-02-05

With more than three decades of clinical medicine and drug development experience, Dr. Spencer-Green will serve as a member of the TLC Management Team and guide the company in its clinical and regulatory activities...

CellMax Life to Provide Blood Test for Medigen Biotech's Colorectal Cancer Cell Therapy Clinical Trials【2019.01.28】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-01-28

Leading diagnostics company will offer ultra-sensitive tumor cell detection technology CMx TM to enable treatment selection and real- time monitoring of treatment response in patients with early stage cancer...

TaiwanJ Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results from Phase 2 Orphan Drug Designation Study of JKB-122 on Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH) 【2019.01.22】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-01-22

TaiwanJ Pharmaceuticals recently announced the results of phase II clinical trial of JKB-122 for the treatment of refractory Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH) patients that demonstrated improvement on targeted objectives and relevant biomarkers from the JKB-122 treated subjects after the completion of 24-week study...

TWi Biotechnology Announces Last Patient Enrolled in Phase 2 Study of AC-201CR for Treatment of Hemophilic Arthropathy 【2018.11.15】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-11-15

TWi Biotechnology announced today that it has completed patient enrollment in its Phase 2 clinical trial (Study code: AC-201CR-HA-001) of AC-201CR for the treatment of hemophilic arthropathy. The Company expects to release top-line results from the interim analysis of this study in the second quarter of 2019...

Orient Pharma obtains Marketing Authorization for ADHD Treatment in Taiwan【2018.09.15】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-10-15

Tanvex Submits BLA for Proposed Filgrastim Biosimilar【2018.10.04】

Source : Center for Biosimilars
Published : 2018-10-04

Tanvex BioPharma, a Taiwan-based biopharmaceutical company, announced this week the submission of its Biologics License Application (BLA) to the FDA for TX-01, a proposed filgrastim biosimilar referencing Neupogen...

Taiwan 5 Universities establish Biotech Business Incubator【2018.09.14】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-09-14

Japan Today: VR and AI bring New Options to Healthcare【2018.08.17】

Source : Japan Today
Published : 2018-08-17

In Japanese hospitals, virtual reality (VR) is getting real. Intuitive Surgical, the company behind the da Vinci robotic surgical system, is also exploring VR simulation training to hone physicians' robotic-assisted surgical skills. VR healthcare applications are increasingly found outside the surgical theater....

CellMax Life Blood Testing Platform for Early Cancer Detection Granted Six U.S. Patents【2018.08.02】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-02

Patents cover entirety of sub-$200 test and platform, which isolates rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from one tube of blood...

Foresee Pharma Announces Positive Results from a Phase 1 Clinical Study of FP-045【2018.07.31】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-31

Foresee Pharmaceuticals Announced on July 26 Results from a Phase 1 Clinical Study, Highlighting Promising Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetic Profile of FP-045, a Potent ALDH2 Activator….

US AI company to expand R&D center in Taiwan【2018.08.01】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-08-01

Graphen to expand Taiwan operations, potentially employing over one hundred more

Lumosa Shareholders Approved TPG Acquisition【2018.07.31】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-31

Tanvex and Linical signed Collaboration Agreement to Expand on Japan's Biosimilar Market【2018.07.27】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-27

Biotech firm promotes smart agriculture in Taiwan【2018.07.27】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-07-27

Taiwan's agricultural industry is ready to embrace the era of smart agriculture by using biotech resources to create value-added products...

Taipei Medical University leads Taiwan in Systemic Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine【2018.07.25】

Source : Wow News
Published : 2018-07-25

The center's work so far ranges from basic research through pre-clinical animal studies, with a triple focus on 1) stem cells and regenerative medicine, 2) use of these techniques in translational medicine, and 3) development of ethical outreach and educational services for industry and society...

CellMax Life's Early Cancer Detection Platform Wins 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Award【2018.07.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-18

Leading Cancer Management Company Wins Prestigious Award for its Proprietary Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) CMx Platform ...

A Taiwanese Research Team finds Mechanism of Metastasis for Breast Cancer-related【2018.07.10】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-07-10

The National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) yesterday said its researchers have discovered a mechanism that reduced the relapse and metastasis of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in animal testing, with future experiments to show whether it might have the same effect on the human body...

JHL Biotech Receives Positive CHMP Scientific Advice for Global Phase III Clinical Trial of Proposed Rituximab Biosimilar【2018.07.10】

Source : JHL Biotech
Published : 2018-07-10

JHL Biotech has announced it received a positive Scientific Advice from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) related to the EU approval pathway for its proposed rituximab biosimilar, JHL1101.

OBI Pharma Granted FDA Orphan Drug Designation for OBI-3424 for the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)【2018.07.09】

Source : OBI Pharma
Published : 2018-07-09

First Orphan Drug Designation for OBI-3424, a novel first-in-class targeted therapy for solid tumors that express aldo-keto reductase 1c3 (AKR1C3) enzyme...

PharmaEngine Announces Positive Phase II/III Topline Results from Global Pivotal Trial of PEP503 (NBTXR3) in Soft Tissue Sarcoma【2018.06.25】

Source : PharmaEngine
Published : 2018-06-25

PEP503 (NBTXR3) is a first-in-class product with a new mode of action physically destroying cancer cells when activated by radiation therapy. PEP503 is designed to directly destroy tumors and activate the immune system for both local control and systemic disease treatment.

CH Biotech Announces Grand Opening of Global R&D Innovation Center and Corporate Headquarters【2018.06.22】

Source : CH Biotech
Published : 2018-06-22

New Facility Is Taiwan's First International R&D Center Focused on Integrating Plant Health Systems...

Three US Scholars Awarded Tang Prize for Facilitating Targeted Cancer Therapies【2018.06.20】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-20

Dr. Tony Hunter, Dr. Brian J. Druker, and Dr. John Mendelsohn are the recipients of the 2018 Tang Prize in Biopharmaceutical Science. These three renowned American scholars are awarded for the discovery of protein tyrosine phosphorylation and tyrosine kinases as oncogenes, leading to successful targeted cancer therapies...

JHL Biotech Announces Completion of Convertible Bond Issuance and Appointment of New CFO【2018.06.15】

Source : JHL Biotech
Published : 2018-06-15

JHL Biotech has raised US$106 million in a convertible bond issuance, which closed May 15, 2018. Proceeds raised from the issuance will be used for clinical trials, working capital needs and further development of the company's pipeline of biosimilar treatments.

Taiwan's NCTU, CMU Team Up to improve Cancer Treatment through Nanoparticle-based Immunotherapy【2018.06.14】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-06-14

The “fucoidan” based magnetic nanomedicine has great potential to boost immunotherapy...

Academia Sinica announces Newly Discovered Protein Quality Control Mechanism to Create New Opportunities in Bioengineering【2018.06.12】

Source : Academia Sinica
Published : 2018-06-12

Many human diseases such as aging, degenerative neurological diseases, and cancer are related to the defects in proteins. To remove defective proteins, cells prune themselves through a quality control mechanism that separates the wheat from the chaff.

A breakthrough for TFDA International pharmaceutical collaboration– Taiwan becomes the official Regulatory Member of ICH.【2018.06.12】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-06-12

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has officially become one of the ICH pharmaceutical Regulatory Member at the International Council for Harmonization (ICH) Assembly meeting at Kobe, Japan, 7th June 2018. This set a new milestone for our participations in the international pharmaceutical and technical collaborations.

Lumosa Therapeutics and Amed sign License Agreement for The Ten Countries of ASEAN【2018.06.09】

Source : Lumosa Therapeutics
Published : 2018-06-09

Lumosa Therapeutics Co., Ltd. announced the signing of a license agreement with Amed Co., Ltd. for its marketing and manufacture right in the ten countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)...

NVIDIA and Taiwan's MOST Collaboration to Supercharge AI Efforts【2018.06.04】

Source : NVIDIA
Published : 2018-06-04

TLC Submits IND to US FDA Application for TLC178, Liposomal Vinorelbine Candidate for Pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma【2018.06.04】

Source : TLC, Ltd.
Published : 2018-06-04

TLC announced the submission of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate a Phase I/II, open label, dose-escalation clinical trial of TLC178...

European Innovation Week kicks off in Taipei【2018.06.04】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-06-04

The largest European trade delegation in history of the event arrived in Taipei, as Taiwan's government pursues a Bilateral Investment Agreement with the EU...

HTC to launch DeepQ platform for AI innovations【2018.05.30】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-05-30

In a statement, HTC said its healthcare division DeepQ will launch the DeepQ AI platform Wednesday at a graphics processing unit (GPU) technology conference, which will be held in Taipei by American integrated circuit designer NVidia.

Taiwan to have largest participation in Bio 2018 in Boston, MA starting June 4【2018.05.29】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-05-29

Taiwan will have the largest ever participation in the 2018 BIO International Convention that kicks off on June 4 in Boston, MA, United States, Minister Without Portfolio Wu Tsung-tsong said on Tuesday.

NHRI Researchers finds Three Major Factors for Liver Cancer【2018.05.22】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-05-22

The findings prove that in addition to commonly known risk factors — chronic hepatitis, alcohol addiction and cirrhosis — the three non-viral risk factors they have identified point at increased risk of developing liver cancer

Taiwanese Study proves that Red Sage Root help activates Fat Cells' Metabolism【2018.05.20】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-05-20

ST32da, a compound found in red sage root, is believed to turn white fat into fat-burning brown fat, according to the study

Applied BioCode Receives CE Mark Certification for BioCode® MDx 3000 with 18-plex Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel【2018.05.18】

Source : Applied BioCode
Published : 2018-05-19

Applied BioCode's system will help hospitals and clinical laboratories to provide high volume syndromic testing to their patients at a more affordable cost. The GI Pathogen Panel is the first of many syndromic panels.

Taiwan Government designates Biotech Industry next NT$1 trillion industry【2018.05.15】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-05-15

Taiwan's Vice President Chen Chien-jen said on May 7 that the government aims to transform the biotech industry into the next industry in Taiwan to have production value that will hit NT$1 trillion (US$33.67 billion).

Expanding R&D capacity into southern Taiwan, the Southern Campus of Academia Sinica officially breaks ground【2018.05.12】

Source : Academia Sinica
Published : 2018-05-12

The southern campus is to focus on the research and development of agricultural biotechnology and circular energy it will also focus on Taiwan's history and culture.

Collaboration between Merck and Taiwan Launched to Accelerate New Drug Manufacturing Processes in Taiwan【2018.05.10】

Source : ITRI
Published : 2018-05-10

The launch ceremony of the Biopharma R&D & Training Collaboration Program between Taiwan and Merck was held at ITRI GuangFu Innovation Campus on May 7, 2018.

Medigen Vaccine Biologics (MVC) ready to Market Alternative to Dengvaxia by 2022【2018.05.07】

Source : INQUIRER.net
Published : 2018-05-07

Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp. (MVC) signed MoU with Serum Institute of India (SII). SII intends to supply MMR vaccine to alleviate Taiwan's current measles outbreak. Both parties aim to supply MMR vaccine for Taiwan's national immunization program in the future.

Taiwan Healthcare Companies Look At Entering India【2018.05.04】

Source : Business World
Published : 2018-05-04

With tech-aided disruption opening up in the healthcare sector, several companies from the East Asian country are looking at India. These include prominent names such as Treat You Medical Technology Corporation and Ti-Ho Healthcare Technology

Taiwan, France Team up to Promote Innovation Collaboration【2018.05.01】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-05-01

France will sponsor six Taiwan-based companies to visit the European country this year as part of the 'Young Enterprise Initiative'

Taiwanese Professor to Commercialize Tumor Detecting Technology【2018.04.28】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-04-28

The chip invented by the professor can detect a tumor within 30 minutes

Taiwan FDA and Malaysia NPRA signed the Collaboration Document over Pharmaceutical Regulations【2018.04.30】

Source : TFDA
Published : 2018-04-30

The signing of this collaboration document has successfully expanded exchanges and formalized the cooperation between the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities of Taiwan and Malaysia.

TaiMed and its partner Theratechnologies to Seek Regulatory Approval of Trogarzo™ (ibalizumab) in Europe【2018.04.25】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-25

Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp. and GC Pharma (GCC) Collaborate to Commercialize Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine in Taiwan【2018.04.23】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-23

Polaris Group advances Cancer Research with US Partner【2018.04.20】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-04-20

OBI Pharma Announces FDA Clearance of OBI-3424 IND Application for A Phase I/II Study Targeting AKR1C3 Solid Tumors【2018.04.19】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-19

First clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of a novel first-in-class targeted therapy (small-molecule prodrug) that selectively releases a potent DNA alkylating agent for solid tumors that express aldo-keto reductase 1c3 (AKR1C3) enzyme

Compal Electronics opens Pet Hospital【2018.04.17】

Source : Nikkei Asia Review
Published : 2018-04-17

Acer and Taiwan's MOHW launch AI-powered Flu Forecasting Website【2018.04.12】

Source : Taiwan Today
Published : 2018-04-12

TLC Announces Application with U.S. FDA for Proceeding of TLC590 as Investigational New Drug (IND)【2018.04.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-03

Taiwan's ‘Top 10 Coolest Technology Start-ups' focus on AI, VR and Healthcare【2018.04.03】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-04-03

China Medical University has Successfully Tech Transferred its 3D Printing Medical Technologies and Reaching Southbound【2018.04.02】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-02

United Orthopedic Launches UTS™ Hip Stem and an Extension of its U-Motion II™ Acetabular System at the 2018 AAOS Annual Meeting【2018.04.01】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-01

Taiwan's ITRI signs MoU with Biochemical Company Merck【2018.03.27】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-03-27

A new 'Taiwan-Merck Biopharma R&D and Training Collaboration Program is set to launch in May

InSilico Medicine announces R&D Center for Bio-medicine and AI in Taipei【2018.03.27】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-03-27

A Taiwan-UK Innovative Industries Program was Launched in Taipei to Improve R&D Cooperation between The Two Nations【2018.03.26】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-03-26

New Light for the Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme, Everfront Biotech Launch Clinical Trial【2018.03.23】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-03-23

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital had completed “the Phase I study of Human Pharmacology on GBM patient who relapsed.” He received target drugs implantation into intracerebral on December 25th, 2017.

Premier Lai: Taiwan to Become a Global Hub for Biomedical Industry【2018.03.19】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-03-19

The government is leaving no stone unturned in promoting Taiwan's biomedical industry and transforming the nation into a global R&D hub for medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Wistron Medical and NTU Hospital Collaborate on Medical Rehabilitation Robot【2018.03.09】

Source : CTIMES
Published : 2018-03-09

US FDA approves TaiMed's HIV Drug, Stock soars 10%【2018.03.08】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-03-08

In a study of 40 people who no longer respond to other antiretroviral treatments, 43 percent achieved HIV RNA suppression, the FDA said

Adimmune says Flu Vaccine to Drive Business【2018.03.07】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-03-07

Taiwan's Agriculture Minister: Agricultural Technology Transfer to Benefit Both of Malaysia and Taiwan 【2018.03.05】

Published : 2018-03-05

Taiwan hopes, in collaboration with new southbound countries, to promote the regional development of agriculture by improving bilateral cooperation in information, technology and talents to secure the sustainable agriculture

TLC targets fast US FDA approval【2018.02.24】

Source : Taipei Time
Published : 2018-02-24

US Patent Granted for Lumosa's New Drug to Treat Acute Ischemic Stroke【2018.02.22】

Source : Lumosa
Published : 2018-02-22

Taiwan's Foreign Professional Talent Act goes into Effect【2018.02.12】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-02-12

Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talent takes effect

Taiwan Passes Patent Linkage Legislation【2018.02.12】

Source : Taiwan Business TOPICS
Published : 2018-02-12

Taiwan's patent linkage system provides notice of a patent owner's rights to potential competitors. In the United States, this concept is most often associated with the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act, otherwise known as the Hatch-Waxman Act. The patent linkage systems in Taiwan appear to be inspired by the Hatch-Waxman Act.

Foxconn to Invest USD 340 mln for AI and Healthcare Solutions【2018.02.06】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-02-06

Hon Hai said it aims to develop healthcare solutions based on big data-driven technologies, and Internet-based security solutions for other sectors

ACT Genomics, AstraZeneca enter Collaboration for BRCA Testing in Singapore and Taiwan【2018.02.06】

Source : ACT Genomics
Published : 2018-02-06

ACT Genomics is honoured to collaborate with AstraZeneca Singapore for both somatic and germline genetic testing of BRCA in patients with ovarian cancer, using the advanced next generation sequencing (NGS) technology.

Taiwan Medical Companies Showcase ‘Smart' Surgical Machines【2018.02.06】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-02-06

The Retina system allows a surgeon to peer into a patient's skull using augmented reality goggles, boosting precision and efficiency

Sinphar Earnings Stability to Support its R&D in Pancreatic Cancer Drug【2018.01.30】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-01-30

Sinphar Group can generate ample profit to fund SynCore's phase III trials, which is expected to cost about NT$1 billion (US$33.98 million)

CellMax Life's New CTC Test detects Early Stage Colorectal Cancer and Pre-cancer with High Accuracy【2018.01.29】

Source : Healthcare Global
Published : 2018-01-29

The new blood test showed a high degree of accuracy for detecting early-stage colorectal cancer — accuracy ranged from 84% to 89% — and it is the first assay to demonstrate high sensitivity in the detection of precancerous colorectal lesions.

TLC and Jixi Biotechnology Partners Announce Joint Venture【2018.01.23】

Source : TLC
Published : 2018-01-23

Lumosa Therapeutics Licenses Long Acting Injectable Analgesic to Skyline Vet Pharma, Inc. for Use in Companion Animals【2018.01.17】

Source : Lumosa Therapeutics
Published : 2018-01-17

Licensing agreement brings Taiwan-developed pet medicine to US, Canada, NZ, and Australia.

Taiwan Biomedical Revenues may Break NT$500 Billion in 2018【2018.01.10】

Source : DigiTimes
Published : 2018-01-10

The annual revenues of Taiwan's biomedical industry are estimated to rise 4.5% on year to reach NT$488.4 billion (US$16.54 billion) in 2017 and are likely to break the NT$500 billion level in 2018, bolstered by concerted efforts by the government and private sectors, according to statistics released by Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Foresee Pharma enters into license and distribution agreement with Megapharm【2018.01.06】

Source : Pharma Journalist
Published : 2018-01-06

Foresee Pharmaceuticals and Megapharm Announce License and Distribution Agreement. They have entered into an exclusive license and distribution agreement for the commercialisation in Israel and the Palestinian Authority of Foresee's FP-001 program, LMIS (Leuprolide Mesylate Injectable Suspension) ready-to-use subcutaneous depot formulations.

PwC Forecasts Increase in Taiwan Biotech IPO Activity This Year【2018.01.05】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-01-05

Local initial public offering (IPO) activity could pick up significantly this year as firms that delayed an application last year take action, encouraged by rallies of the local bourses, PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan (PwC) said.

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Gets Global Rights to Develop Tumor Drug【2018.01.04】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-01-04

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Acquires Full Global Commercial Rights for Varlitinib from Array BioPharma for Up to $129M...

Taiwan Scientists find Key in Pluripotent Stem Cells【2018.01.03】

Source : Xinhua Net
Published : 2018-01-03

Taiwanese scientists have discovered that circular RNA (circRNA) plays a key functional role in pluripotent stem cells, which may help the development of regenerative medicine or medical technologies.

An International Team creates More Efficient Conversion Method for Biomass【2018.01.03】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-01-03

An international team of researchers from Taiwan, Australia, India and Bangladesh has successfully developed a method of converting agricultural biomass into commercially valuable chemicals for food and pharmaceutical companies, according to a report in the Financial Express.

PharmaEngine announces its partner, Nanobiotix, received an IND approval from US FDA to conduct a Phase I&II trial of PEP503(NBTXR3)with anti-PD-1 antibodies【2018.01.01】

Source : PharmaEngine
Published : 2018-01-01

PharmaEngine, Inc. announced that its partner, Nanobiotix (Euronext: NANO), has been granted an Investigational New Drug (IND) approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for PEP503 (NBTXR3) activated by radiotherapy, and administered in combination with an anti-PD1 antibody (nivolumab or pembrolizumab).

JHL Biotech Submits Clinical Trial Application in Europe for Proposed Dornase Alfa Biosimilar to Affordably Manage Symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis【2018.01.01】

Source : JHL Biotech
Published : 2018-01-01

JHL Biotech Inc. announced last week that it has submitted a Phase 1 Clinical Trial Application to the Dutch Healthcare Authority for its proposed dornase alfa biosimilar, JHL1922, to improve pulmonary function of cystic fibrosis patients.

PharmaEssentia expects EU Marketing Approval【2017.12.20】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-12-20

PharmaEssentia Corp yesterday said it expects to gain marketing approval in Europe before the end of the third quarter next year for its new P1101 polycythemia vera (PV) drug.The company is also seeking approval from US authorities for the drug.

EirGenix to Begin Global Trial for A Copy of Its Cancer Drug【2017.12.18】

Source : EirGenix
Published : 2017-12-18

PHASE III: As the trial is expected to cost between 50 million and 80 million euros, the company is in talks with five potential strategic partners to share the expense

Asus Life Rolls out New Smart Robot for Medical Use at the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo【2017.12.18】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-12-18

ASUS Life aims digital medical treatments through strategic alliance with Clinerion

TaiGen's Taigexyn Received Reimbursement Price from Taiwan's National Health Insurance Administration 【2017.12.18】

Source : TaiGen Biotechnology
Published : 2017-12-18

TaiGen announced on Dec. 7 that it has been officially notified by Taiwan's National Health Insurance Administration (NHI) of the reimbursement price for Taigexyn® (Nemonoxacin) 250 mg capsules.

TaiGen : Russian Partner Has Completed Enrollment for the Phase III Clinical Trial of Taigexyn【2017.12.05】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-12-05

TaiGen announced that its Russian partner, R-Pharm JSC, has completed the patient enrollment of the Phase 3 clinical trial of Taigexyn® (nemonoxacin) in Russia. After the study is complete (last patient last visit), the results will be unblinded, analyzed and compiled into a new drug application (NDA) for filing in 2018.

Huijia Health Life Technology Wins 2017 R&D 100 Award Showcasing Taiwan's Smart Medical Research and Development Capability【2017.11.30】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-11-30

Huijia Health Life Technology announced that it has won the 55th R&D 100 Award in Orlando, USA on November 17. It shows that the fiber optic physiological monitoring technology of Huijia Health has a significant impact on human life and is internationally recognized.

GeneReach's In Vitro Diagnostic Product for the Detection of Dengue Virus has Begun Exported to Panama【2017.11.28】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-11-28

EXPANDING ITS MARKET: The company is working to broaden its scope. It said its dengue IVD diagnostic product is being reviewed by regulators in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Taiwan Passes Law on Hiring Professional Foreign Talent Last Month【2017.11.28】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-11-28

The Act Governing Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals extends work and residence permits for foreign white-collar professionals from the current maximum of three years to five.

TaiGen's Intravenous Taigexyn® Successfully Completed Phase 3 Clinical Trial for Community Acquired Pneumonia in Taiwan【2017.11.27】

Source : TaiGen Biotechnology
Published : 2017-11-27

TaiGen announced on Nov 6 that it has completed the Phase 3 clinical trial of the intravenous formulation of Taigexyn® (Nemonoxacin) in Taiwan.

Taiwan Generics Maker TWi adds Ophthalmic Asset【2017.11.21】

Source : TWi Pharma
Published : 2017-11-21

Taipei-based generics maker TWi Pharmaceuticals has bought Synpac-Kingdom Pharmaceutical (SKP), another generics supplier known for ophthalmic treatments, for NT$1.8 billion ($59.8 million). The deal is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Sinphar Inked a Technology Transfer Agreement with A Major Japanese Eye Medication Supplier【2017.11.20】

Source : Sinphar Pharma
Published : 2017-11-20

TaiMed Biologics Announces Decision by the FDA to Extend the Ibalizumab Review Period to April 3, 2018【2017.11.20】

Source : TaiMed Biologics
Published : 2017-11-20

the U.S. FDA will extend its review of the BLA for Ibalizumab. In a notice received today by TaiMed from the FDA, the Prescription Drug User Fee Act ("PDUFA") target action date has been extended to April 3, 2018.

Five Ways Asian Countries are Pushing Ahead in Health Technology【2017.11.15】

Source : Financial Post
Published : 2017-11-15

Asia's health-care innovations are in the early stages and have the backing of governments keen to build cutting-edge medical technologies

Taiwan Government Hopes to Reduce Unnecessary Healthcare Expenditure by Introduce More Information Technology【2017.11.14】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-11-14

EXPENSIVE TREATMENT:The premier said cancer medication cost the nation NT$32.2 billion last year, about 38 percent of treatment costs, and he hoped to bring this down

TWi's ANDA of Bupropion HCI ER Tablet has been Approved by US FDA【2017.11.13】

Source : Twi Pharma
Published : 2017-11-13

TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“TWi”) last week announced that its ANDA (“Abbreviated New Drug Application”) of Bupropion HCl ER Tablet (TWi-015) has been officially approved by US FDA.

Breast Cancer Cells Empowered in Tumor-draining Lymph Nodes by Tregs【2017.11.07】

Source : Academia Sinica
Published : 2017-11-07

When breast cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes, it is considered an important prognostic predictor for patient survival. However, whether tumor-draining lymph nodes (TDLNs) take parts in the course of breast cancer metastasis has never been thoroughly looked at.

Taiwan Shines at iENA Nuremburg Invention Fair【2017.11.06】

Source : Central News Agency
Published : 2017-11-06

Taiwan won a total of 36 medals out of more than 800 submissions from across the world at this year's iENA International Trade Fair Ideas - Inventions - New Products held in Nuremburg, Germany from Nov. 2-5.

Lotus Pharma Court Challenge in US over Generic Drug【2017.11.06】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-11-06

Lotus Pharmaceuticals Co on Tuesday said it has successfully challenged a patent claim that has been blocking the company's efforts to commercialize a generic drug.

Shanghai Fosun Pharma to Buy Stake in Taiwan's Henlix Biotech for Up to $98 mln【2017.11.03】

Source : Nikkei Asia Review
Published : 2017-11-03

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group), a company controlled by Chinese conglomerate Fosun International, said a unit has agreed to acquire the 69.25% stake it doesn't already own in Taiwan-based biopharmaceutical company Henlix Biotech for up to $98 million.

OBI Pharma announces OBI-3424 results from the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics【2017.10.30】

Source : OBI Pharma
Published : 2017-10-30

Study finds OBI-3424 exerts profound in vivo efficacy and safety against patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) expressing AKR1C3.

Tanvex Biopharma is publicly traded on Taiwan Stock Exchange since Oct. 26【2017.10.30】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-10-30

Just last month Tanvex BioPharma announced its plans for an international Phase 3 trial of its biosimilar drug candidate, TX05, its investigational trastuzumab biosimilar (a proposed biosimilar to Herceptin®) in patients with early stage breast cancer.

The Global Health Forum in Taiwan, Drawing an International Crowd【2017.10.23】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-10-23

The Global Health Forum in Taiwan, organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, opened in Taipei yesterday, attracting 58 experts from 35 nations and hundreds of participants.

Herbal Remedies Linked to Cases of Liver Cancer across Asia【2017.10.23】

Source : The Japan Times
Published : 2017-10-23

Taiwan and Singapore's researchers have uncovered widespread evidence of a link between traditional Chinese herbal remedies and liver cancer across Asia, a study said last Wednesday.

EirGenix Plant on Schedule, Annual Production Capacity of More Than 1,000kg【2017.10.23】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-10-23

EirGenix Inc in the last week said construction of its new large-scale protein production plant is on schedule and it is expected to go online in the final quarter of next year.

Taiwan FDA: Heading Southward!【2017.10.21】

Source : TFDA
Published : 2017-10-21

At present, all pharmaceutical manufacturers in Taiwan have fully complied with PIC/S GMP standards and most of the medical devices meeting the criteria of the EU and the US.

TLC Showcases Superiorities at Janney's Osteoarthritis & Pain Therapeutic Forum【2017.10.17】

Source : TLC, Ltd.
Published : 2017-10-17

At Janney's Osteoarthritis and Pain Therapeutic Forum, TLC showcased its solutions to pain management and demonstrated superiorities in its data against peers during the 30-minute presentation.

Foreign Firms Plan US$3.5bn Investment Taiwan 【2017.10.17】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-10-17

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and 22 foreign companies signed letters of intent at a Taiwan Business Alliance conference in Taipei, with the companies pledging investments of NT$106.3 billion (US$3.5 billion) over three years.

Taiwan Government Approves Four-year Science and Technology Development Program to Boost AI and Digital Technologies【2017.10.03】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-10-03

The Taiwan government last Friday approved a four-year science and technology development program to boost the digital economy and to use “smart” technologies to meet various challenges facing the nation, such as an aging population and climate change.

CHO Pharma Hopes to Become the TSMC of the Biotech Field, Trading Yesterday During Its Debut on the TPEX【2017.09.28】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-09-28

In the field: A broad-spectrum cancer antibody, based on the findings of a former Academia Sinica president, kills cancer cells by targeting novel carbohydrate antigens.

Foresee Pharma and TRPharm Announce License and Distribution Agreement【2017.09.28】

Source : Foresee Pharma
Published : 2017-09-28

Foresee Pharma And TRPharm announced yesterday that they have entered into an exclusive license and distribution agreement for the commercialisation in Turkey and certain Middle East countries of Foresee's FP-001 program.

Hereditary and Environmental Factors are Just as Critical as Smoking in Causing Cancer: Taiwan Study【2017.09.25】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-09-25

The study confirms that hereditary and environmental factors are just as critical as smoking in causing cancer, said Yang Pan-chyr, who led the research.

Taiwan and India Eager to Join Hands on Healthcare【2017.09.25】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-09-25

Taiwanese delegation visits India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

NCKU Research Team cracks The Mysterious Origins of Orchids: Taiwan Study【2017.09.21】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2017-09-21

A research team at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) has cracked the code on the evolution of orchids, the school in southern Taiwan said Thursday.

Tang Prize Winner:Taiwan should Invest in Basic Research and Translational Research【2017.09.16】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-09-16

Chinese-American biologist and Tang Prize winner Zhang Feng said that Taiwan should invest in basic research and translational research to help establish itself in the global biotechnology sector.

2017 PIC/S Committee Meeting and Seminar Conclude Successfully in Taiwan with Spectacular Results【2017.09.15】

Source : TFDA
Published : 2017-09-15

The 2017 PIC/S Committee Meeting and Seminar took place in Taiwan, bringing together 170 official inspectors representing 60 regulatory authorities and three international organization from 50 countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and etc.,. Inspectors worldwide are gathering in Taipei to discuss the GMP regu

Global Inspectors Gathering in Taiwan to Harmonize The GMP Regulation in The Field of Medicinal Products【2017.09.11】

Source : TFDA
Published : 2017-09-11

The 2017 PIC/S Committee Meeting and Seminar, the biggest annual event of PIC/S, take place from September 11th to 15th in Taipei. Nearly 175 GMP inspectors representing 62 regulatory authorities from 52 countries.

Taiwan Government to Fund 30,000 Tech Start-ups in Three Years【2017.09.08】

Source : Electronics Weekly.Com
Published : 2017-09-12

Taiwan aims to create 30,000 tech start-ups in the next three years, reports Digitimes.

Taiwan Proposes New Rules on Health Supplements【2017.09.07】

Source : out-law.com
Published : 2017-09-07

Health supplements sold in Taiwan will have to clearly state that they are "non-medicine" and have "no curative effect" under new regulations proposed this week, China News has reported.

TPG Capital Asia Buys Majority Stake In Taiwan-Based Clinical Trials Firm OPC【2017.09.04】

Source : China money network
Published : 2017-09-04

TPG Capital Asia has acquired a majority stake in Taiwan-based clinical trial services provider OPC Holding Company. As part of the transaction, OPC's founder Jason Chen will transition to the role of chairman. Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Foxconn Planned Investment in The Czech will be Aimed Medical Care Products【2017.08.30】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2017-08-30

Taiwan-based manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group is planning to boost its investment in Czech Republic, according to the country's English-language Prague Daily Monitor.

Scientist Expects Biomed Research to Remain Focused on Antibodies【2017.08.29】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2017-08-29

Antibody and small molecule drugs and big data applications will remain at the center of biomedical research in the future, according to Andrew Wang, president-elect of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB).

Lumosa Therapeutics Partners with Camargo Pharmaceutical Services in the Development of Naldebain in the US【2017.08.28】

Source : Lumosa Therapeutics
Published : 2017-08-28

Naldebain® IM injection has received market authorization and launched in Taiwan as the world's first 7-day long-acting analgesic injection for moderate to severe post-operative pain.

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals announces New Research Collaboration with Academia Sinica's Genomic Research Centre in Taiwan【2017.08.22】

Source : Aslan Pharma
Published : 2017-08-22

A research collaboration joins Aslan with an academic research institute for studying small-molecule cancer drug candidates.

Taiwan Biotech and Medical Fund Expected to Complete Fundraising by The End of The Year【2017.08.16】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-08-16

Line Corp is considering investing in a planned government-backed investment firm supervised by the National Development Council (NDC), council Deputy Minister Kung Ming-hsin said on last Thursday (10 Aug).

TaiMed Biologics's Manufacturing Partner Completed Pre-License Inspection for Production of TMB-355 (ibalizumab)【2017.08.14】

Source : TaiMed Biologics
Published : 2017-08-14

Orient Pharma Announce Positive Results from Phase 3 Clinical Study of ORADURR-Methylphenidate (2PN012) for ADHD【2017.08.10】

Source : Orient Pharma
Published : 2017-08-10

-Statistically significant difference between ORADURR-Methylphenidate (2PN012) and placebo on SNAP-IV teacher form score - Study drug was generally safe and well tolerated

Formosa Pharma, A Wholly-owned Subsidiary of Formosa Labs, Acquires Activus Pharma, A Subsidiary of Sosei Group【2017.08.08】

Source : Formosalab
Published : 2017-08-08

Formosa Laboratories, Inc. (Formosalab) is pleased to announce that the company has entered into an agreement under which it will make an investment in and acquire Activus Pharma, (hereafter, Activus), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sosei Group Corporation (Sosei).

ScinoPharm to Provide Contract Manufacturing Service for Melinta 's Newly-Approved Serious Skin Infections Drug, Baxdela™【2017.08.04】

Source : ScinoPharm
Published : 2017-08-07

First Human Subject Enrolled in Lumosa Therapeutics' Phase 1 Trial for LT3001, a New Drug Molecule for Acute Ischemic Stroke【2017.08.01】

Source : Lumosa Therapeutics
Published : 2017-08-01

Foresee Pharmaceuticals Announces CEO Appointment【2017.08.01】

Source : Foresee Pharma
Published : 2017-08-01

TLC Receives Orphan Drug Designation by US FDA of TLC178 for the Treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcoma【2017.07.24】

Source : TLC, Ltd.
Published : 2017-07-24

Foresee Pharmaceuticals Announces US FDA IND Approval for Initiation of Phase 3 trial of LMIS 25 mg【2017.07.24】

Source : Foresee Pharm
Published : 2017-07-24

Foresee announced the approval of an IND application by the US FDA for LMIS  25 mg. LMIS 25 mg is a line-extension product of FP-001, LMIS 50 mg, a 6-month, ready-to-use subcutaneous depot formulation.

SynCore Biotechnology Receives IND Clearance of SB05 (EndoTAG®-1) by the TFDA to Conduct a Phase III Clinical Trial for the Treatment of Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas【2017.07.21】

Source : SynCore
Published : 2017-07-21

Investigational New Drug (IND) clearance from TFDA represents a key milestone in SynCore's new drug pipeline development program. The global Phase III study has Orphan Drug Designation granted by US FDA and European Medicines Agency for the indication of metastatic Pancreatic Cancer. Commercial opportunity launch for a preferential product against an unmet medical need as first and only therapy of its kind with a strong intellectual property position.

TSH Biopharm, Mycenax Biotech biosimilar version of Enbrel®(etanecept) wins Taiwan FDA approval【2017.07.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-07-18

TuNEX:The first self-developed biosimilar by the local biotech companies approved in Taiwan

TLC Announces Issuance of Patents for Three Product Candidates【2017.07.18】

Source : TLC, Ltd.
Published : 2017-07-18

Abzena and OBI Pharma Sign ThioBridge™ Licence Agreement【2017.07.11】

Source : Abzena
Published : 2017-07-11

Master Services and Clinical Supply agreement to enable process development and manufacturing by Abzena.

Taiwan joins forces with Insilico Medicine to apply AI to biomedical research【2017.07.05】

Source : DCB, PITDC, TMU
Published : 2017-07-05

The Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB), the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industrial Technology Development Center (PITDC), and Taipei Medical University (TMU), three of Taiwan's premier biomedical institutions, have teamed up with Baltimore-based Insilico Medicine to develop groundbreaking research in applied A.I. for biomedical science. The four parties signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) for Cooperation at the BioTaiwan 2017 BioBusiness Asia Conference.

PharmaEssentia renegotiates terms for its new orphan drug【2017.07.05】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-07-05

PharmaEssentia might receive as much as 20 percent of sales of P1101, its polycythemia vera drug, up from 16 percent of sales under a previous agreement

Taiwan government to set up national investment firm【2017.07.04】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-07-04

ECONOMIC DRIVER:The company, which will run three funds, is to be under the remit of the National Development Council and be capitalized at NT$250m

SynCore positive on goals for pancreatic cancer drug【2017.06.30】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-06-30

AOP and PharmaEssentia present positive results from 3 studies of Ropeginterferon alfa-2b in patients with PV at EHA meeting【2017.06.27】

Source : Pharmabiz
Published : 2017-06-27

USFDA accepts Lumosa Therapeutics's phase 1 trial for LT3001【2017.06.20】

Source : Lumosa Therapeutics
Published : 2017-06-20

Lumosa Therapeutics Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that its lead drug candidate for acute ischemic stroke, LT3001, has received approval from the US FDA to begin Phase I clinical trials. The first clinical trial is a double-blinded dose escalating study in healthy volunteers and expected to be completed in the first half of 2018.

Taiwan scientists find potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease【2017.06.17】

Source : CNA News
Published : 2017-06-17

Exploring Biotech Business Opportunities in Indonesia.【2017.06.02】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-06-02

Taiwan Healthcare+ led 6 THP companies to TAIWAN EXPO 2017 di Indonesia in Jakarta Convention Center from May 12 to 14 to promote business with local partners. The exhibition brought in a total of 73 potential business partners for the THP alliance companies.

TLC Submits Marketing Authorization Application in Europe for TLC177【2017.05.23】

Source : TLC, Ltd.
Published : 2017-05-23

SynCore Bio to Present the Phase I Study of SB01 at ASCO 2017【2017.05.23】

Source : SynCore Biotech
Published : 2017-05-23

SciVision Biotech Published its Trial Results of Single Intra-articular Injection of Novel Hyaluronan (HYA-JOINT Plus) in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (JBJS)【2017.05.18】

Source : SciVision biotech
Published : 2017-05-18

Comparison of Single Intra-Articular Injection of Novel Hyaluronan (HYA-JOINT Plus) with Synvisc-One for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized, Controlled, Double-Blind Trial of Efficacy and Safety

Amcad-UV has Won FDA Approval, Solidifying Amcad's Position in High-end Medical Imaging Device Market【2017.05.09】

Source : AmCad BioMed
Published : 2017-05-09

TLC178 Designated by US FDA as Drug for Rare Pediatric Disease in the Treatment of Rhabdomyosarcoma【2017.05.04】

Source : TLC, Ltd.
Published : 2017-05-04

US FDA Allows SynCore Biotechnology to Run a Phase III Clinical Trial in Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas【2017.04.24】

Source : SynCore Biotech
Published : 2017-04-24

Top five innovative Taiwan advanced medical imaging devices【2017.04.14】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-04-14

Taiwan's EpiSonica solves dense breast imaging issues with painless smart scanning device【2017.04.14】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-04-14

Taiwan to invest NT$2 billion in medical equipment industry by 2020【2017.04.13】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-04-13

Taiwan's Economic Ministry to invest NT$ 2 billion to develop domestic medical equipment industry

PharmaEssentia's European partner AOP Orphan announces start of EMA marketing authorization application procedure for Ropeginterferon alfa-2b in Polycythemia Vera 【2017.03.31】

Source : AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG
Published : 2017-03-31

TaiGen Biotechnology and HEC Pharmaceutical Executed Equity Purchase Agreement for Their HCV Joint Venture 【2017.03.28】

Source : TaiGen Biotechnology
Published : 2017-03-28

Lumosa Therapeutics gets TFDA approval for its long-acting analgesic injection named NALDEBAIN,LT1001【2017.03.20】

Source : Lumosa Therapeutics
Published : 2017-03-20

LT1001:World's First 7-Day Long-Acting Analgesic Injection

Two Approvals Granted by TFDA, SciVision Biotech Net Profit Hits Higher【2017.03.10】

Source : SciVision Biotech
Published : 2017-03-10

SciVision Biotech has two approvals of "hyaluronic acid-based adhesion" and "Intravesical Instillation", which makes their net profit hits higher

United Orthopedic to Acquire A-Spine Asia for about $20 Million US Dollars【2017.03.09】

Source : United Orthopedic Corporation
Published : 2017-03-09

United Orthopedic Corporation is capable of in house R&D, manufacture and sales of high-tech medical device. United has been selling its products to more than thirty countries and the Gross Margin reached 70%.

Baxter and ScinoPharm Announce Exclusive Strategic Partnership for Generic Oncology Injectables【2017.03.02】

Source : ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd
Published : 2017-03-02

• Arrangement includes five generic injectables used in cancer treatment, with option to add up to 15 more molecules • Collaboration combines ScinoPharm's world-class API expertise with Baxter's differentiated capabilities in difficult-to-manufacture oncology drugs and extensive global presence in hospital channel • Partnership augments Baxter's growing generic injectables business with high-quality essential medicines that will benefit patients worldwide

Panion & BF Biotech Inc. (PBF) announces License and Exclusive Distribution Agreement with KKKR【2017.02.24】

Source : Edward Ting, Spokesman of PBF Biotech Inc.
Published : 2017-02-24

PBF and KKKR have entered license and exclusive distribution agreement for market authorization application and the following commercialization of "Nephoxil®" in Korea

TLC Collaborates with CMUH in Exploring Solutions for Unmet Medical Needs in Oncology & Osteoarthritis【2017.02.23】

Source : Taiwan Liposome Company, Ltd.
Published : 2017-02-23

TLC and CMUH signed an agreement to collaborate in the execution of clinical trial programs for drugs developed by TLC to address unmet medical needs. The clinical trials of these drugs are all multi-center trials. In addition to sites in Taiwan, trials will concurrently recruit patients from China, Australia and the U.S.

ScinoPharm Reports Financial Performance for 2016【2017.02.17】

Source : ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd
Published : 2017-02-17

In 2016, overall revenue increased by 2% compared to 2015 primarily as a result of the sales boost of generic APIs, including an increased market share of Gemcitabine combined with more flexible strategies, increased shipments of Paclitaxel, as well as greater customer needs of Entecavir (HBV) and Riluzole (ALS) in anticipation for commercial launch.

Orient Pharma's famed cholesterol-lowering drug approved for listing in the United States【2017.02.15】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-02-15

Orient Pharma Co., Ltd announced on February 6 that its new drug application (NDA) for its cholesterol-lowering generic drug, Pitavastatin, has been approved by the United States FDA.

Cross Strait Recognition for Clinical Trials Conducted by Four Hospitals on Both Sides【2016.10.11】

Source : Taiwan Today
Published : 2016-10-11

Taiwan and mainland China recently recognized for the clinical drug tests conducted by four hospitals on both sides. This breakthrough eliminates the need to conduct another set of clinical trials in mainland China, cutting considerable time off the approval process for drug-makers developing new products.

TaiMed Biologics' Ibalizumab (TMB-355) was chosen Top 40 drugs in 2016 by Chemical & Engineering News【2016.09.04】

Source : C&EN
Published : 2016-09-04

TaiMed's Ibalizumab is the only drug be chosen for curing HIV. TaiMed and Theratechnologies announced a successful outcome for a single-arm Phase III trial in which 33 out of 40 patients, and completed enrollment for a second Phase III trial.

Taiwan's iStat Biomedical Gets CE Mark for HPV-Associated Cancer Products【2016.08.29】

Source : GenomeWeb
Published : 2016-08-29

iStat Biomedical has successfully gained CE approval of five IVD (DNA Methylation and related) products from the European Authority These products concordance with the gold-standard cytological evaluations or HPV typing, are expected to reduce some of the interventional procedures unnecessarily performed and alleviate anxiety due to diagnostic uncertainties.

ONIVYDE of PharmaEngine Being Granted By CHMP for Treatment of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer【2016.07.25】

Source : PharmaEngine, Inc.
Published : 2016-07-25

Adimmune Corporation begins shipments to EU【2017.02.10】

Source : Adimmune Corporation
Published : 2017-02-10

The demand for Enoxaparin Sodium is strong in Europe and Adimmune expects the utilization rate of its PFS production line to ramp up quickly after mass production, boosting 2017 top-line growth.
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