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Bio B2BTaiGen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 〉Taigexyn® (Nemonoxacin)

Taigexyn® (Nemonoxacin)

Taigexyn® (Nemonoxacin)

Taigexyn is a novel non-fluorinated quinolone antibacterial drug with once-a-day dosing, available in both oral and intravenous formulations.

Request for Collaboration
Taigexyn® (Nemonoxacin) is a novel broad spectrum antibiotic for treatment of bacterial infections. It belongs to a new class of antibiotics known as non-fluorinated quinolone. Taigexyn® was discovered by screening against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and thus has intrinsic activity against the resistant infection which is an increasingly severe problem worldwide.
  • With global IP protection until 2030
  • Launched in Taiwan in Dec. 2015
  • Received China FDA market approval on Jun. 8, 2016.  Launched in mainland China on Oct. 23, 2016
  • Received QIDP and Fast Track designations from US FDA
  • Taigexyn®  out-licensed to Zhejiang Medicine Co. for mainland China market.
  • Taigexyn® out-licensed to R-Pharm for Russia, Commonwealth Independent States and Turkey market.
  • Taigexyn® out-licensed to Productos Científicos for Latin American market.
  • Continue to explore and expand partnerships in other territories
Taigexyn® differentiates itself from the current antibiotics on the market by the following characteristics:
  • Broad spectrum activities against Gram-positive, Gram-negative, anaerobic, and atypical pathogens.
  • Superior activity against drug resistant pathogens – especially MRSA and Quinolone-resistant MRSA.
  • Reduced propensity for resistance development – requires mutations in three different bacterial genes.
  • Excellent pharmacokinetic profile suitable for once-a-day oral or iv dosing. Broad spectrum activities against Gram-positive, Gram-negative, anaerobic, and atypical pathogens.

Received Taiwan (CFDA) and China (CFDA)  market approval of Taigexyn® oral formulation (500 mg) for the treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia (CAP).
Collaboration Options
In addition to the Zhejiang Medicine partnership in China, Taigexyn® was out -licensed to R-Pharm for the Russian Federation, Turkey and the Commonwealth of Independent States; to Productos Científicos for Latin American Markets ; and partnered with Holding Distribution for distribution in Taiwan.  Altogether, Taigexyn® is partnered in 32 countries worldwide. 

 Taigexyn® continues to explore and expand partnership in other territories, seeking out licensing opportunities in South Asia , Middle East and Africa ,etc.
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