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Bio B2BBiomate Medical Devices Technology Co., Ltd. 〉Bone Type Implant System

Bone Type Implant System

Bone Type Implant System

Feature of PDLTM Surface Treatment:
The laser surface treatment has the following features.
Security-the surface texturing is made by adding light only; No acids, blast media or other chemicals are used during the process. This means that the surface is the cleanest without any risk.
Precise- The roughness of surface can be handle very precisely by Biomate laser technology.
Micro and Nano – the Biomate surface has texturing on both micro and Nano levels to optimize the effect of cell proliferation and osseointegration.

Request for Collaboration
Main Benefits:

•Increase the surface roughness of implant
•PDL™ Surface Treatment applies laser emission with high power and density to form micro-nano complex texture with 0.013um depth, effectively promotes osteocytes to osseointegrate with the implant. The fatigue test of BIOMATE surface treated implant shows an equivalent strength and durability to that of SLA™ treated implant.

•The oxide layer on the implant surface optimize biocompatibility
•BIOMATE dental implant uses Grade IV titanium that comprises above 99% Titanium, thus it is not susceptible to phase-transformation. After laser treatment, titanium atom will merge with oxygen atom in the air and form titanium oxide layer, which has been proven to facilitate osseointegration.

•Hemocompatibility increases the efficiency of osseointegration
Surface Treatment Advantages:
1.Osseointegration:The complex micro-nano 3D pores of BIOMATE implant surface can effectively help to:
Ÿ Optimize the adherence and growth of osteocytes
Ÿ Accelerate the healing of wound
Ÿ Improve osseointegration
2.Contact Area:PDL (Precision Dimensions Laser) Surface Treatment applies precise parametric design and through high efficacy laser luminous energy to strike qualitative micro-nano, complex 3D texture that help increase the contact surface area of the bone and implant, optimizes the effect of cell proliferation and osseointegration.

Implant position of each case is different. Evaluation sholud be made in consideration of occlusion, neighboring teeth, thickness of the soft tissue,
and the type of prosthetic components that will be used.
Collaboration Options
Cooperation with Physicians:
1.Invitation of renowned physician to participate in events 
‧Invitation of renowned physicians as lecturers/instructors invitation of highly respected dentists as lecturers/instructors and hiring of internationally
renowned physicians as host of important seminars.
2.Research cooperation with physicians who serve as educators. 
Supervision and guidance for BIOMATE dental implant R&D and design.

Hiring of physicians as consultants:
1.Regular organization of large-scale annual events:
Numerous renowned physicians have been hired as lecturers and large-scale annual seminars or training courses are organized on a regular basis to assist local dentists.

2.Market expansion and education
Participation in Biomate dental implant seminars to provide relevant education.

3.Articles in international journals:
Cooperation with physicians engaged in research at major medical institutions and universities to increase the number of research articles in international journals.

Cooperation with Professors from Renowned Medical Universities:
1.Academia-insdusty collaboration with Taipei Medical University:
Receipt of the National Innovation Award as a result of collaboration with Taipei Medical University and government agencies.

2.Collaboration with I-Shou University:
Conversion of the Biomate dental implant system and product usage into teaching materials in collaboration with I-Shou University and provision of education at schools.

3.Collaboration with the National Cheng Kung University lab:
Testing of the Biomate Dental Implant System and cell activity in collaboration with the university to  corroborate with effects of implants.
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