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Bio B2BUnited Orthopedic Corp. 〉UTF™ Reduced Stem

UTF™ Reduced Stem

UTF™ Reduced Stem

1. Refined Proximal Width
2. The Answer for All Kinds of Femora
3. 12/14 Morse taper
4. Dual taper design
5. Standard and high offsets
6. Optimized neck geometry
7. Insertion hole
8. Plasma spray coating
9. Stem flute
10. Curved distal tip
11. Instrumentations

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Refined Proximal Width
Proximal width with 1 mm increment in most popular sizes to
   gradually tighten fitting different metaphyseal width.

● Refined proximal width will help surgeons easily choose a
   proper proximal fitting for each patient.


The Answer for All Kinds of Femora
• Proximal fixation   • Simple surgical procedure   • Bone preservation


12/14 Morse taper


Dual taper design
Offers bony compaction and perfectly fit


Standard and high offsets
Restore joint biomechanics


Optimized neck geometry
Advances range of motion and decreases cup-neck impingement


Insertion hole
Combined with quick connect holder for easy-to-use


Plasma spray coating
Improves biological fixation


Stem flute
Provides blood flow and reduces stem stiffness


Curved distal tip
Facilitates implantation


The UTF stem system provides specially designed devices featuring easy-to-use and time-saving.

Unique designed instrumentations enable many surgical approaches as the surgeon needs.


Surgical Protocol  Brochure  
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