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Bio B2BUnited Orthopedic Corp. 〉U2™ HA Stem

U2™ HA Stem

U2™ HA Stem

1. Matrix Design - Maximized Fit and Fill
2. 12/14 Morse Taper
3. Tri-wedge Design
4. New Instrument
5. Extended Dual Coating – Ti 500 μm plus HA 80 μm
6. Polished Fluted Distal End

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U2™ HA Stem



Matrix Design - Maximized Fit and Fill
The Matrix design addresses both proximal and distal canal fit and fill in order to facilitate load transfer1 and achieve excellent initial stability2.


Implant Features:


1. 12/14 Morse Taper

2. Tri-wedge Design
Provide axial and rotational stability and facilitate proximal load transfer3


3. New Instrument
Quick-connected holder offers easy-to-use instrument to facilitate surgical efficiency.


4. Extended Dual Coating – Ti 500 μm plus HA 80 μm
Extended proximal 2/5 Ti plasma spray with HA dual coating facilitates biological fixation.


5. Polished Fluted Distal End
Avoid stress shielding and increase torsional stability

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