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Bio B2BUnited Orthopedic Corp. 〉BIOLOX®Option



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● High surgical flexibility with various head sizes and neck lengths
● Adaptation to a new stem taper or slight damaged stem taper
● A low-wear bearing option in revision cases
● Diamond-like hardness to resist third-body wear
● Unaffected range of motion with the sleeve


Attentions for Use
● The 12/14 sleeve can only be compatible with UOC 12/14 femoral stem systems
● To avoid any unnecessary damage to stem taper during head removal in revision THA
● Careful inspection of stem taper to make sure utilization of this system
● To verify the selection of a proper diameter and neck length
● Assembling head and sleeve in the packaging shell before final positioning


Tolerable condition

Intolerable condition


Assembling of BIOLOX® OPTION Head System:
● BIOLOX OPTION Ceramic head and the sleeve are packaged together.
● Place the ceramic head onto the sleeve while applying a manual pressure. Care should be taken to axially align the head and the sleeve.
● After the modular head system is set, engage it onto the stem taper by using a plastic head impactor only.

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