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Bio B2BUnited Orthopedic Corp. 〉Full XPE™ Cup

Full XPE™ Cup

Full XPE™ Cup

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Full XPE™ Cup



1. PMMA Spacer
Uniform 2.5 mm cement thickness;
the cement mantle is built within the outer dimension of acetabular cup.

2. 20° lipped
Prevent joint dislocation.
3. X-ray Marker

4. Pressurizing Flange
Prevent cement leakage during pressurization.

5. Horizontal & Vertical Groove
Facilitate cement-implant fixation.

Better Range of Motion, Better Satisfaction
The use of larger size of femoral head is a growing trend¹. Benefits are known to reduce dislocation rate² and improve range of motion³.

Improved Longevity with The Use of XPE Material
United high cross-linked PE (XPE) show 89% wear reduction than traditional UHMWPE.

Experience the Ease of Handling
With the featured locking mechanism, the innovated cup positioner secures all sizes of implants with ease.

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