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BR-FHUS Navigation

BR-FHUS Navigation

In conventional hand-held ultrasound scanners, the scanning of whole breast is time-consuming and may cause the missing of breast areas. A BR-FHUS Navigation has been developed to solve the problems. During the scanning, the probe position and images can be recorded, and the operators also can scan carefully through the alert of CADe system.

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BR-FHUS Navigation is a plug-in device that can connect with any existed hand-held ultrasound scanners. Different from the conventional hand-held ultrasound system, BR-FHUS Navigation can sovle the problems of time-consuming and missing of breast areas during the scanning.

In BR-FHUS Navigation, the probe position and 2-D ultrasound images can be tracked and recorded for radiologists to retrospectively review the recorded datas. During the scanning, the probe position relative to the nipple is specified with the degree, clock, and distance. The tracking images and routes are also shown on the screen for real-time reference. Images having regions with high likelihood being a tumor can be detected by real-time CADe module, and the system will alert to remind the operator.

After a complete scanning, BR-FHUS Navigation does an automatic quality inspection to alert operator the possible missing area. With the assistance of BR-FHUS Navigation, the use of existing hand-held ultrasound scanners in screening can achieve quality control with reduced oversights. Although ABUS systems still have other advantages, hospitals and clinics with limited budget and operators can use the existed hand-held ultrasound equipments for quality control.
  • BR-FHUS Navigation can connect with any existed hand-held ultrasound scanners.
  • Real-time computer aided detection (CADe) system find the regions with high likelihood being a tumor and alert the operator.
  • Provide the analysis of whole breast density for radiologists and physicians to prevent and diagnose the breast cancer.
  • Show the scanning route on screen, calculate scanning coverage, and alert the operator when missing the possible area.
  • Magnetic generator
    • Receptive field: 36 inch ~ 144 inch
    • Measurement rate: 80 Hz
  • Magnetic sensor
    • Position: x, y, z (in mm)
    • Rotation: azimuth, elevation, roll (in degree)
  • Computer
    • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64bit
    • CPU: Intel i5 3.3 GHz
    • Ram: 4 GB
    • HDD: 1 TB

  • Capture Tool
  • Tracking Tool
  • Route Map Tool
  • Real-time CADe Tool
  • Density Analysis Tool
BR-FHUS Navigation is a standalone software installed on a Windows-based computer and connect with electromagnetic devices intended to record ultrasound image with probe position which can be used to assist physician in recording and reviewing breast tissue abnormalities with the stored coordinate and scanning. The ultrasound images are obtained from FDA cleared ultrasound machines. BR-FHUS Navigation is not intended to be used in the environment of strong magnetic or electromagnetic fields, such as in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) room.
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