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Bio B2BHuijia Health Life Technology 〉Smart Baby Mat

Smart Baby Mat

Smart Baby Mat

Wireless Intelligent Baby Monitor Solutions for baby's safety, health, sleep quality and parent-child relationship.

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UBabyCare, Your Baby Care!
Our optical sensor is more sensitive than electronic pressure; this technology can detected through slight infant respiration when on its back. Traditional baby sensor pads should be placed under the mattress and fixed, using the baby's weight, combined with the weight of the mattress itself, detecting pressure changes to see whether baby is active or not, therefore, this technology can measure the infant's movement. Breathing activity during sleep can be calculated numbers of breathing, Traditional technology can only determine if the baby is moving or not moving from weight changes. Vibration can also be misidentified as baby movement.

Optics Breathing sensor technology
High sensitivity, high precision and accuracy, and able to detect the most subtle changes in the breathing of the newborn. The body is not lying on an electric current, but on an optical fiber using light and without electromagnetic waves, with precision sensitivity compared with traditional technology. This is a technological breakthrough.

Wireless 100% safety
International Standards without electromagnetic impact
The background value is the same before and after starting an electromagnetic wave test with the baby lying on the mat. Low birth weight babies require no electromagnetic wave impact as determined by hospital research with premature babies.
Our globally unique optical fiber provides a new type of high sensitivity, high precision and accuracy of physiological sensors through optical fiber deformation or vibration causes light attenuation and the change values are converted into electronic signals, which can realize noninvasive monitoring of human physiological activities including breathing, heart rate, pulse wave analysis, activity, blood pressure, sleep, and can also monitor temperature, humidity, etc.
Baby Care with Technology
To overturn traditional baby care ways, to reduce care pressure and to break through weaknesses of traditional monitors that do not allow to see baby's subtle breathing, the product adopts the latest breathing optical sensing technology as the foundation and integrates with smart phone apps to resolve the issues of parental care, baby safety, health, sleep quality and parent-child relationship.
Baby Care with Safety
100% safe for babies. From design to production, considering about the influence of electromagnetic wave and usage of battery, the products are electromagnetic wave free and cordless to avoid cord around neck danger caused by cords.
Sleep Safety
When everyone is asleep, Smart Mat will help you look after your baby, covering the time when you cannot be close by, so baby can be safely monitored 24 hours a day. If there is an irregular breathing episode or your baby stops breathing then the mat will detect this and give the parent or caregiver an alert.
Health Care
Smart Mat can detect breath movement count over one minute. WHO advises caregivers that the easiest way to identify early pneumonia in a baby is to observe the breathing rate over one minute. You can use the Smart Mat to track your baby's health status.
Sleep Quality
Infants spend more than 12-16 hours a day sleeping due to higher levels of growth hormone. Smart Mat can report sleep time and quality. You can also improve baby's sleep quality by streaming a lullaby or mother's sounds through a micro-speaker in the mat.
Parent-Child Relationship
Modern parents have their children taken care of by a nanny, grandparents, or other caregivers, often after only a few months. The one-year-old baby can distinguish the sound of their caregiver, and parents can stream their voice to baby to improve the parent-child relationship.
Brand UBabyCare
Model UBC-002B
Outer material Soft and comfortable natural latex TPU water proof mat
Lining material Mould proof and germ proof covering fabric
Sensor mat size 65cm (L)  x 45cm(W) x 4cm(H) 
Mat size 118cm(L) x 60cm(W) x 4cm(H) 
Cleaning method Wipe with clean water then disinfect with alcohol, or sterilize with ultraviolet
Weight about 1400g (Batteries not included)
Batteries 4xAA batteries
Wireless 2.4GHz
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