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AQ Navi Surgical Navigation System

AQ Navi Surgical Navigation System

The AQNavi Surgical Navigation System is an electro-optical device, which was specifically designed to greatly improve the surgical implantation procedure by providing dentists an accurate guidance to the location in advance.

Request for Collaboration
 The AQ Navi Surgical Navigation System is used to pre-plan the surgical implantation procedure and to identify and track the precise location of the drill during surgery. Consequently, the system enables precise positioning of the dental implant, according to the pre-planned position, and assists the dentists in avoiding critical anatomical structures.

The AQNavi Surgical Navigation System allows the dentists to view the reconstructed 2D and 3D images of the patient anatomy, together with overlaid graphic information, depicting the position of the drill and pre-planned position of the dental implant.
Alignment of the patient and CT images is accomplished through a registration algorithm. The registration goal is to indicate to the dentists the position of the tracked handpiece and drill in relation to the planned implant location.
The AQNavi Surgical Navigation System utilizes an infrared (IR) tracking system that is comprised of emitters, a camera and a tracking data processor (computer) to determine the location and orientation of the dental handpiece and the patient.
The position and orientation of both handpiece and patient are transmitted to a computer which depicts the handpiece, drill and planned implant location on the CT image.
The dentists places a virtual implant image in an optimal location by using the SmilePlan planning software and available CT data. During implantation, the system correlates between the plan and the actual performance, and presents the surgeon's progress on the screen. In case of significant deviation between plan and performance, the system will alert the dentist.
Trade name AQNavi
Model Aq-001、Aq-002
Input voltages 100 VAC to 240 VAC
Type of current AC
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Overall system accuracy ±1mm
CT format input 1.    The pixel spacing <0.2mm
2.    Only DICOM standard CT scans are readable
Electrical safety standard IEC 60601-1
EMC standard IEC 60601-1-2
Measurement volume
The proposed computer specifications ( User owned) 1.    Comply with IEC 60950 & IEC 60601
2.    [Operating System] Microsoft Windows XP or 7
3.    [Processor] above i7-2630
4.    [Graphics] above nVidia GT555n
5.    [Memory] above 8Gb
6.    [Hard Driver] above SSD 256Gb
7.    [Display] 1024x768dpi
8.    [Other Device] Mouse, Keyboard and CD/DVD driver

The AQNavi Surgical Navigation System is a computer based assistance system for dental implantologist. It supports surgeons during planning and execution phase of dental implant procedures by providing highly precise guiding assistance during the implantation process within the human jaw. The system supports the surgical implantation process by providing visual guidance for position and orienting of a dental drill relative to a planned implant position.
Collaboration Options
Collaboration Option:
Marketing & Distribution

Target Market:
Central Asia (CHN& Neighbors)
East Asia (JPN,KOR, TWN)
North Asia (RUS & Neighbors)
South Asia (IND & Neighbors)
South East Asia
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