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Bio B2BHuijia Health Life Technology 〉Smart Baby System

Smart Baby System

Smart Baby System

24/7 auto rounds, Low cost and High Efficiency
Environment protection, Green energy, quality certification
Wireless 100% safety, no electromagnetic wave
Wear no device, Remote smart cloud

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Smart Baby System for Baby Care Centers
24/7 auto rounds, Low cost and High Efficiency
  • 24/7 auto rounds for all rooms and monitoring all babies.
  • Assisting night-time care for nursing staff with overall care quality.
  • Instant notification and handling of abnormal incidents of babies to avoid accidents.
  • Reducing rooming-in risks, providing safety, and allowing Moms to relax and rest.
  • Discovering baby's potentially abnormal situations in advance through observing breathing activities and then requesting a medical checkup.
  • Low cost and high efficiency, reducing management risk.
Environment protection, Green energy, quality certification
  • Material selection match ROHS/REACH standard
  • Lead-free process, streamlined packaging to avoid environment pollution.
  • Low power consumption and energy saving, environmentally friendly rechargeable battery
  • Pass CE/FCC/NCC/SRRC/RoHS certification
  • TPU non-toxic water proof breathable film, eco-friendly germ proof easy clean
Wireless 100% safety, no electromagnetic wave
  • Wireless accurate detection, baby no wear clip device
  • Baby not lying on static "electricity", no electromagnetic wave impact
  • Low power consumption and power saving, can use environmentally friendly rechargeable battery
  • Use battery, no risk of neck around by cable line
Wear no device, Remote smart cloud
滙嘉健康安全照護系列產品不穿不戴,安全與健康監控Our globally unique optical fiber provides a new type of high sensitivity, high precision and accuracy of physiological sensors through optical fiber deformation or vibration causes light attenuation and the change values are converted into electronic signals, which can realize noninvasive monitoring of human physiological activities including breathing, heart rate, pulse wave analysis, activity, blood pressure, sleep, and can also monitor temperature, humidity, etc.

More than 200 Baby hospital, maternity centers and baby sitting centers using our smart mat technology.
Large screens display Touch mode User interface High scalability
21.5-inch touch screen Nurses operate easily Display 18 newborns in one page

Collective management of newborns
Monitoring content Display location of baby Breathing Activity Monitoring Abnormal notifications
24/7 auto ward rounds
for all rooms and
monitoring all babies
Nursery room
Out of bed
Sleeping activity records
Quiet / Sleeping / Moving
Out of mat / Breathing count
Apnea alert
Baby abnormal breathing alert
Out of mat alert
Accessibility Breastfeeding Education Assistance request Comfort baby
Implement Rooming
Nurses assisting
Breastfeeding Education Notice Nursing station can know the needs of the room and demand content Playback of various audio including womb sounds, music, and parents'voice for bonding
  • Nursery Room Baby Management
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