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AmCAD-US 1.0 is a software device intended to view and quantify ultrasound image data of backscattered signals acquired from an FDA-cleared ultrasound system. The information may be useful in assisting the user's interpretation of the variation in tissue

Request for Collaboration
  AmCAD-US is a software package designed to quantify and visualize the backscatter statistics contained in ultrasound image data obtained from an FDA-cleared general purpose ultrasound system.
  The device provides dual mode images, including conventional B-mode ultrasound image in gray scale and color-mapped US (ultrasound structure) mode image. The US-mode provides a means for viewing and displaying the backscatter statistical values.
  The device uses parametric model or nonparametric statistics that best describes the distribution curve of the backscattered signals. The parameters vary by the US method (backscattered statistics) selected. The preferences include options to set the parameters mapped onto the image and US method options applied to the data. The user can also select a specific region of interest (ROI) on the image for quantification analysis. AmCAD-US has a data export function to record and save the analysis results.
  Note that the ultrasound images displayed on AmCAD-US must not be used for primary diagnostic interpretation.
1. Adopt several patented statistical methods to analyze the ultrasonic signals.
2. Accelerate and enhance imaging performance and quality by proprietary algorithms.
3. Quantify the statistical distribution of the backscattered signals.
4. Provide visualization for assessment of tissue variation.

This device should be used on standard computer equipment. Minimum hardware requirements for the software are as below:
Support Platforms
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above and .NET Framework 4.0 or above
  • 1.8 GHz Processor or faster
  • 4 GB or more
Graphic Card
  • Support Resolution 1280x720 or above and 24-bit true color (16M Colors)
Hard Disk
  • 100MB or more
  • Pointer device (Mouse) and Keyboard
  • Display Monitor with a resolution of 1280 × 720 or higher
1. Thyroiditis
2. Liver fibrosis / Liver cancer
3. Kidney fibrosis
4. Prostate cancer

Collaboration Options
1. Finding : Agent corporation 
2. Market targeting : The whole world
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