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Bio B2BSEDA Chemical Products Co., Ltd. 〉SEDA Anti-Decubitus Mattress

SEDA Anti-Decubitus Mattress

SEDA Anti-Decubitus Mattress

(1) Non-powered anti-bedsore, good for sleep quality and rehabilitation.
(2) Body pressure test, average about 10 ± 2 mmHg, maximum peak point about 20 ± 4 mmHg.
(3) Overall waterproof functions, TPU waterproof cover, high-frequency connection processing and waterproof zipper.

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Pioneer Non-powered Anti-bedsore Style
    SEDA Anti-Decubitus Mattress (No-Sterile) adopts Visco-Elastic, Open-Cell, Temperature-Sensitive memory foam material, which behave in a fluid-like manner and are high responsive to temperature changes; it will slowly softens to shaping your body when contact with body temperature due to its heat sensitive characteristic. Therefore, the body and the bed surface contact area can achieve to maximum, and the body pressure can be reduced, effectively. Besides, SEDA company adopts exclusive formula and PU mold foaming technology, the density not only can be higher (85-110 kg/m3), but also deviation can be also below 0.2%. Shaping acuity is also to increase, even can clearly shape fingerprints contour, therefore, the pressure release capacity increases to maximum.

Body Pressure Test & Clinical Experiment
    According to the results of BIG-MAT Sensor Sheet (Body Pressure Detect Device) test, the average pressure value about 10 ± 2 mmHg, maximum peak pressure point about 20 ± 4 mmHg (bedsore event often is happened in 32 mmHg or more). Besides, pioneer non-power anti-style, decrease the probability of bedsore event, improve sleep quality, and increase rehabilitation capacity due to comfort and stability.
ITEM Area( cm) Force(Kg) Avg. (mmHG) Max (mmHG)
Back 683.35 5 5.4 9
Buttock 744.26 6 5.9 14
Foot 495.48 10 14.9 37(Heel)

BIG-MAT Sensor Sheet    
Subject: Mr. Lo (Height 170 cm, Weight 70 Kg)    
Room Temperature:26℃      
Test time: 20 min.
Hell position has high pressure value due to small contact area, patient can use support pad to avoid it.   

    3 Mattresses also had been implemented for a pilot study of ulcer prevention in the one of Taiwan medical center. For the clinical results, the rate of pressure sore event on sacral bone is 0% for 363 samples during 2011/11/10~2012/3/20.
Date Samples (peoples/days) Pressure sore on sacral bone
2011 11/10 - 2011 12/10 90 0%
2011 12/11 - 2012 01/10 93 0%
2012 01/11 - 2012 02/10 93 0%
2012 02/11 - 2012 03/10 87 0%

Overall Waterproof Functions
  1. TPU fit polyester fabric breathable waterproof bed cover
  2. High-frequency connection processing
  3. Waterproof zipper
    SEDA anti-decubitus mattress is adopted in Taiwan national hospitals, academic medical centers and nursing-care centers, and pass TFDA class I medical device license (No, 004617) and get Symbol of national Quality (No. A0192) in Taiwan.
Standard Size(cm): 12(H) * 90(W) * 192(L)  <Customizable>
               Item                                                 Content                                   
       Memory foam    1. No carcinogen: LGA TUV Rheinland
 2. No heavy metal: RoHS standard
 3. Flammability: California CA117
 4. Antibacterial: Japan JIS L1902
 5. Anti-mite: 97.56%
 6. Mildew resistance: Black mold
 7. Non-toxic: 90/128/EEC

Support foam
Flammability: ARTC-FMVSS302  
 1. TPU FIT POLYESTER FABRIC                               
 2. Waterproof: 20,000 mm H2O up
 3. Waterproof zippers
 4.Air Permeability: 70g/m2/24hrs up
 5. Mildew resistance & Antibacterial: AATCC 30/147
 6. Flammability: NFPA701
 7. Water pressure resistance (Sewn): 18,000 mm H2O up
 8. Flexometer test: 80,000 times up
 9. Antifouling property: Level 4
Home care / Nursing home care  / Hospital  use
Patient with decubitus risk
Collaboration Options
Collaboration: B2B, B2C
Goal markets: Asia, America, Europe, and more
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