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Rotam-Fenu is a concentrated fenugreek seed power.The active ingredient in the fenugreek seed has been concentrated to create a more effective feed supplement.

Request for Collaboration
1. Contract Canadian farmers to grow and harvest fenugreek processing.
2. Fenugreek seed of Rotam-Fenu is processed using patented technology.
3. Each bag of Rotam-Fenu can be traced to the Canadian farmer who grew it.
Cattle Benefits: 
1. Improve the economics of dairy cattle operations.
2. Safe and effective natural  supplement  which significantly improves feed efficiency and milk production in lactating dairy cows without affecting milk composition.
3. Decrease dependence on use of synthetic drugs in dairy cattle.
4. Ammonia reduction in dairy cattle facilities.
5. Easy to store and mix in feed rations.
6. No withdrawal time before slaughter.

Pig Benefits: 
1. Growing Pigs: Up to 6.3% feed conversion improvement.
2. Lactating Sows: Up to 13.0% increase in average daily gain with piglets.
3. Weanling Piglets: Up to 5.6% feed conversion improvement.
4. Ammonia Reduction: Significant reduction across all trials.
5. Improved IgG: Significant improved IgG levels across all trials.

Poultry Benefits
1.Increased broiler weight.                                        
2.Improved feed conversion-up to and 5% in many cases.                                                                            
3.Sustain optimal egg production.                                  
4.Increase egg quality.                                        
5.Significant reduction in ammonia odor.                      
6.Improved flock health.        
1. Improved feed conversion and immunity. 
2. Significant reduction in ammonia odor.
3. Increase lactation of sow/cow.                                           
4. Usage:Per ton of feed, swine add 2 KG, poultry add 0.9KG of Rotam-Fenu.       
Collaboration Options
Country distributor.                                                                            
If you need more information of product, please contact                                                                               
Frank Wong: Frankwong@rotam.com                                                     
Cecily Hu: Cecilyhu@rotam.com
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