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Bio B2BCellMax Life 〉Prostate CancerTest

Prostate CancerTest

Prostate CancerTest

1.Simple blood test (Non-invasive and radiation-free)
2.Identifies circulating tumor cells specific for prostate cancer
3.Avoid unnecessary biopsies and its dangerous side effects

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The fundamental principle behind this recent breakthrough in early cancer detection relies on the CMxTM Platform's ability to find CTCs among billions of various normal cells in a blood sample—as soon as they enter the blood stream. With this new technology, early-stage cancer, and even pre-cancer, can be detected.  

Our proprietary platform- microfluidic chip, antibody, and imaging software- has enabled us to be the only company to overcome the “intractable” challenge of detecting rare CTCs in pre-cancer and early stage patients, when cancer can be successfully treated.

  • Men 45-70 years of age
  • Recent PSA reading of 4-10ng /ml
  • Never been diagnosed with prostate cancer
  • Not had any urological procedure in the past 6 months
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