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SpinScan Microarray Scanner

SpinScan Microarray Scanner

Request for Collaboration
SpinScan Microarray Scanner, is based on a modified optical pickup head, akin to well establish DVD technology to the molecular diagnostic market. It is the only reader where the 6 slides can be read at one time. Moreover, the platform is easily scalable simply by faster rotation scan with corresponding upgrade in detection.
We're now working on adding more integration to the modified optical head to make it a truly portable for point of care (POC) applications in remote areas for fast response to epidemic prevention.
It's an open system for all the detection like DNA, peptide, protein, antibody and cell chips.
Multiple chips-SIX slides can be read at one time with patented technology applied.
Fastest speed-average <4 mins/chip @10 µm resolution with Smallest system size.
Ozone protection by unique holder which can minimize signal degradation for getting accurate results.
Manufactured under ISO 13485/GMP certifications
Laser-induced fluorescence scanning for reading microarrays printed on standard 1 inch by 3 inch glass slides.
Perfect sensitivity 0.1 (fluro/µm2) and resolution 2-40 µm

Resolution 2, 5, 10, 40 μm/pixel
Excitation wave 532 & 635 nm (HC-BS01)/532 or 635 nm (HC-BS02)
Chip Glass slide
25.1±0.2 mm ´ 76.0±0.5 mm ´ 1.0±0.1 mm
Chip/holder 6 slides/run
Dynamic-focus Yes
Detector 200 kHz PMT
PMT gain Adjustable range 5~100%
Laser power 13 mW
Scan range 62 mm ´ 22 mm
Scan Parallel/Sequential scan
Scan time 21 min/run @ 10 μm/pixel
Barcode reader Yes
Dynamic range >104
Sensitivity <0.2 fluor/μm2
Image format 16 bit/tiff
Signal uniformity R and G signals CV < 5%
Pixel alignment error < 1 pixel (10 μm)
Dimensions 550(L)´335(W)´220(H) mm
Weight <25 kg (55lb)
SpinScan Microarray Scanner is an open system for most of biochips including Cell, protein, DNA and peptide chips, therefore, it could be used for various kinds of diagnostics.
  • For Human
Allergy test
Prenatal Diagnosis
Chromosomal aberrations in fetal and neonatal genomes
Serum Biomarker Discovery
Detection of antigen/antibody in blood
Diagnostics for different stages of cancer
Identify infectious diseases & neurological disease

  • For Veterinary
Gene expression analysis for veterinary pathologists
Total IgE quantitative test for canine
Allergens(IgE) screening test

  • For Agriculture
Detection of plant pathogens and gene expression​
Screening and evaluation of herbal plants and herbal dietary supplements
Analysis of drug-metabolizing genes
Collaboration Options
What we are looking for?
  • Biochip manufacturers
Co-brand for chip/scanner integrated service
Fully support on service/maintenance by us
  • End Users
  • Distributors
Representative in local market
Assist with local registration/license
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