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Reduce Fatigue and appetite loss associated with cancer chemotherapy

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  • MS-20 is a mixture of soy fermentation metabolites which is produced in strictly controlled fermenter and with carefully chosen microorganisms that mimics human intestinal environment.
  • The manufacturing and R&D procedures of Chemo Young follow the international regulations.
  • MS-20 was approved as new drug by TFDA in 2011.
  • MS-20 acts as an immunemodulator and probiotics to improve immunity and quality of life.
  • MS-20 is the first and the only oral medication for ameliorating fatigue and appetite loss in patients receiving chemotherapy.
  • The estimated market of MS-20 in Taiwan will be around 4.5 billion TWD as every year there will be 90,000 new cancer patients. Worldwide, the number of cancer patients will reach 1.4 millions and the medical needs will be over 20 billion USD every year.

MS-20 has also been shown to be anti-PD-1 booster in mice cancer model by increasing cytotoxic T cells and reducing myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs).
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