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Bio B2BOneness Biotech Co., Ltd. 〉OB318- New drug for anti-liver cancer

OB318- New drug for anti-liver cancer

OB318- New drug for anti-liver cancer

Powerful Anti-cancer Compound of Antrodia cinnamomea. Patented anti-cancer new compound purified from Antrodia cinnamomea, an endemic species of Taiwan.

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Liver is the largest and the most complex organ in human body. Liver cancer is more prevalent among Oriental people; it is a Top 3 cancer in Taiwan and China. Doctors’ treatment options, e.g. surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological preparations, or combination therapy, etc., usually depend on disease staging, liver function, patient’s age, and physical condition. Compared to other cancer cells, liver cancer cells are less susceptible to anti-cancer drugs and hence result in insufficient therapeutic effect. The only one anti-liver cancer drug available now around the world is Bayer’s Nexavar. Despite the fact that the drug may only extend the life of liver cancer patients by 3 months, its global sales totaled over USD 600 million in 2011, indicating the urgent demand for anti-liver cancer drugs on the global market.
OB318 is extracted from Antrodia cinnamomea mycelia and contains more than 90% of quantifiable ingredients. The dosage form of botanical new drug OB318 is the oral capsule. Pre-clinical studies have proven its anti-cancer mechanism through inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells such as liver cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and non-estrogen dependent breast cancer. It works mainly to inhibit P13K/AKT/mTOR and increase the expression of p27 so that the growth of cancer cells would be suppressed. OB318 also inhibits angiogenesis and metastasis of cancer cells by reducing VEGF secretion. Antrodia cinnamomea is the endemic species of Taiwan. Numerous literatures demostrate its multiple benefits such as anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer. Currently, Phase 1 clinical trials of OB318 are about to begin.

OB318 is a targeted anti-cancer drugs in pre-clinical trials. It is highly capable against the cells of liver cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and non-estrogen dependent breast cancer. Phase 1 clinical trials are planned to be conducted in individual medical centers to hopefully benefit patients with advanced cancer in the near future. The safety, PK, and preliminary efficacy of OB318, the targeted anti-cancer drug, will be observed in Phase 1 clinical trials.

Patients’ welfare and safety are the priorities for clinical trials. The clinical trials are conducted under project management and internal auditing for better quality controls.
Patent Portfolio
Approved: TW, JP, CN, EP
Patent Review: US, MY
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