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Bio B2BCellMax Life 〉Patented CMx® Platform

Patented CMx® Platform

Patented CMx® Platform

Personalized Precision Medicine. Detect Early. Treat Early. Clinically proven and CAP accredited to detect early-stage circulating tumor cells (CTCs) that are shed from the primary tumor site into the bloodstream in early stage cancer.

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Circulating Tumor Cells as Biomarker for Early Cancer Detection. Saving Life, It's in Our Blood.

The CMx
® Platform uses a biomimetic, lipid-bilayer coated microfluidic chip to capture these rare cells in peripheral blood.  For colonrectal cancer, the test can be useful in cases of non-compliance with recommended colonoscopies or messy stool tests, and as a supplemental screening.  This platform can also be used in Prostate cancer and Lung cancer. A study announced by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) showed that the accuracy of the test ranged from 84 to 88 percent for the detection of early stage colorectal cancer and pre-cancer.

Circulating tumor cells or CTCs are cells that shed from a tumor and circulate into the bloodstream very early in cancer development. However, they are very rare in early stage cancer, presenting in fewer than five cells in a background of one billion cells, and until now have been virtually impossible to detect with high accuracy. The globally affordable CellMax Life blood test aims to transform early cancer detection and management with a platform that isolates these rare CTCs with a single blood sample. The CMx
®  platform provides an accessible and affordable alternative for the 85 million individuals who are eligible for routine cancer screenings.

This proprietary CMx® circulating tumor cell (CTC) platform has won the 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best New Technology Solution in Cancer Management. CellMax Life was chosen from over 3,000 nominations, placing it among the organization's previous winners that include leading medical technology companies such as 23andMe, WebMD, Samsung, Stryker, Apple, IBM Watson, Humana and Zocdoc.
Personalized Precision Medicine. Detect Early. Treat Early. 

1.CRC ProtectTM
A simple blood test for colorectal cancer early detection. 

2.CRC MonitorTM
Monitor Colorectal cancer recurrence and evaluate treatment effect with a best-in-class test that only requires a simple blood sample.

3.Prostate CancerTest :

Detection of prostate cancer could help reduce unnecessary invasive biopsies by up to 90 percent in patients  receiving  indeterminate  results  following a PSA screen by clarifying what patients need the procedure.

4.PanCa MonitorTM
Designed for 18 different cancer types of epithelial origin, and can be utilized as an ancillary tool for recurrence and treatment  monitoring without subjecting the patient to invasive procedures and harmful radiation. 

A simple blood test for Immunotherapy eligibility and treatment effect evalution.
Patent Portfolio
The CMx® platform has eight patents for its proprietary technology that contains a microfluidic chip with lipid coating mimicking the human epithelium, proprietary antibodies, gentle air-foam based cell release, and advanced imaging, capturing CTCs in up to 90 percent of early stage cancer patients across cancers such as colorectal, prostate and lung.
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