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Bio B2BFountain Biopharma, Inc. 〉Pre-clinical Service...(more information)

Pre-clinical Service...(more information)

Animal Center for Drug Screening is a ISO 17025-certified and AAALAC-accredited pre-clinical CRO. We offer service to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drug by in vivo animal study.

Fountain Biopharma-Animal Center for Drug Screening (FBAC) is a SPF facility and certificated by the ISO 17025 for consistent service and testing quality. The Attending Veterinarian supervises housing and husbandry and ensures adequate veterinary care is provided to all animals used in research and testing. We have stable oncology and immunology platforms for drug development and could create customized disease models based on the highly experienced scientist.

Animal Service
MA-1 Mouse Maintain
MB-1 Intravenous Injection, Tail Vein
MB-2 Intraperitoneal Injection
MB-3 Intramuscular Injection
MB-4 Subcutaneous Injection
MB-5 Intradermal Injection
MB-6 Oral Administration
MB-7 Nasal Administration
MB-8 Tracheal Administration
MB-9 Orbital Sinus Sampling
MB-10 Lancet, Facial Vein
MB-11 Intravenous Blood Collection, Tail Vein (Scalpel)
MB-12 Cardiac Puncture
MB-13 Euthanasia
MB-14 Cardiac Perfusion
MB-15 Organ Sampling
MB-16 Organ Sampling
MB-17 C-section
MB-18 Macroscopic Necropsy
MB-19 Clinical Observation & Video Recorded
MB-20 Genotyping
MC-1 Tumor Xenograft
MC-2 Tumor Orthotopic
MC-3 Tumor Metastatic
MC-4 Matrigel Angiogenesis
MD-1 Glucose Tolerance
ME-1 Pharmacokinetics
MF-1 Limb Ischemia
MG-1 Mice Immunization
MG-2 Ascites Collection
MH-1 Customized
MH-2 Professional Consultation
Service procedure
Animal Service Procedures
•Fill in and Sign the Service Application Form
•Signature of Responsible Person and Department Manager
•Approve of General Manager
•Delivery of Service Quotation
•Sign the CDA & Service Contract
•Contractual Payment
•Study Director Discuss with Client
•In Vivo Pharmacological Animal Services
•Delivery of Study Report
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