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Bio B2BProtech Pharmaservices Corp. 〉Central Laboratory

Central Laboratory

PPC's Central Laboratory is a fully CAP accredited clinical laboratory – Taiwan's first clinical lab to gain CAP accreditation since 2002.

Sample Collection Kit Supply
Bio-sample Logistic
Sample Analysis
- Clinical Core Laboratory Testing
     Hematology and coagulation
     Chemistry and immunoassays
     Genomics and molecular assays
     Protein analysis
- Immunochemistry for Biologics
     PK/PD ligand-binding methods
     Immunogenicity/ADA assays
     Plate-based neutralizing antibody assays
- PBMC Processing Services
- Alliance Source for Testing
     Anatomic pathology
     Molecular pathology
     Cell-based assays and flow cytometry
     SNP genotyping
     Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Data Management
Project Management
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