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Taiwan Healthcare+ connects you with the best API partners

Taiwan's API Manufacturers- Top Choices for Global Pharmaceutical Companies

Taiwan's API industry is of world-class standard, especially in the manufacturing of high-potency anti-cancer APIs, central nervous system APIs and intermediates, cholesterol/phosphate binders, vitamin derivatives, carbapenems, and injection drugs. In addition, many of these products are already leading in global market shares.

Taiwan Healthcare+ connects you with the best API partners

ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd. Ltd.

ScinoPharm Taiwan is one of Taiwan's largest API manufacturers and a global leader in the production of high-potency oncology APIs. It is vertically-integrated to enter the injection drugs market, which allows the company to offer CRO and CMO services to international new drug development firms and multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers by providing technical services for small molecule and peptide API production.
ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd. Ltd.

Formosa Laboratories, Inc.

Formosa Laboratories is one of the global suppliers for cholesterol/phosphate binders. Its expansion of high-potency API line and implementation of injection drugs strengthen its leading position in APIs. Its integrated ADC services further expand its international contract manufacturing operations.
Formosa Laboratories, Inc.

Syn-Tech Chem. & Pharm. Co., Ltd.

Syn-Tech has a strong vertical supply chain for outsourced manufacturing of APIs. It is actively expanding its presence in overseas markets. Currently Syn-Tech provides more than 30 niche APIs for pharmaceutical companies.
Syn-Tech Chem. & Pharm. Co., Ltd.

SCI Pharmtech, Inc.

SCI Pharmtech focuses on APIs and intermediates targeting the central nervous system as its niche market. Through its active co-development of high-value APIs via its professional development chain, it has developed dozens of APIs and intermediate products successfully.
SCI Pharmtech, Inc.
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