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The Global Health Forum in Taiwan, Drawing an International Crowd【2017.10.23】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-10-23

The Global Health Forum in Taiwan, organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, opened in Taipei yesterday, attracting 58 experts from 35 nations and hundreds of participants.

The theme of this year's forum is “Inspiration, Action, and Movement: Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs],” echoing the UN's 2015 announcement of the SDGs, a set of 17 targets and 169 indicators to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide.
At the opening ceremony, Vice President Chen Chien-jen said Taiwan faced many challenges in the past but had a good record of extraordinary results in public health.
Since the National Health Insurance (NHI) began operating in 1995, every Taiwanese, regardless of background, has been able to enjoy equal access to medical treatment, he said.
Though the nation's health expenditure per capita only accounts for 6.1 percent of GDP, Taiwan has universal healthcare coverage and the system's satisfactory rating has always been more than 80 percent, reflecting the overall good results of Taiwan's public health and medical system, he said.
The 2017 Global Access to Healthcare Index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked people's access to healthcare in Taiwan third in the Asia-Pacific region and 14th in the world, Chen said.
The NHI system has an “NHI card” that serves as a healthcare identification card for people in accessing medical treatment, the “Medi-Cloud System” maintains patients' medical records to reduce repetitive prescriptions and examinations, and the “My Health Bank” allows patients to review information about their health conditions and access their medical records, Chen said.
With society aging rapidly, the Long-Term Care Services Act was amended this year and the Long-term Care Services Program 2.0 has been implemented, Chen said, adding that the government hopes to cooperate with the private sector in forming a long-term care system that allows older people to remain in their communities.
Taiwan's location makes it suitable to cooperate with other nations of the Asia-Pacific region on public health and medical care, he said.
Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung, the keynote speaker at the forum, said the community-based health system in Taiwan includes nearly 500 hospitals and 20,000 clinics, and combined with several administrative systems, it has become a localized and integrated public health and medical care network.

Advantech collaborated with Taipei Veterans General Hospital to build up the smart hospital management center

Source :
Published : 2020-06-23

To promote the development of smart healthcare in Taiwan, Advantech, an industrial computer manufacturer, has collaborated with Taipei Veterans General Hospital to build up the smart hospital management center...

Taiwan's Health Experts discuss Coronavirus Response with WHO via Phone Call

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2020-04-16

WHO was curious about Taiwan's success in controlling the spread of virus: health official Chang Shan-chwen...

Establishment of the Taipei Fertility Center with about USD 5,000 for each case fee

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-04-15

In Taiwan, there are numerous world-class experts and technologies in the field of reproductive medicine, and the 36.7% implantation rate of in vitro fertilization is the second highest in the world and only lower than that in US. ..

AIT to Boost Cooperation with Taiwan for Vaccine

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2020-03-17

The US and Taiwan would work to cooperate on the research and development of vaccines to fight the viral pandemic, the AIT said.

Quanta Computer and TSGH Jointly Develop AI Precision Medicine

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2020-03-17

Quanta Computer and the Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) signed a memorandum of understanding on March 11 to jointly develop artificial intelligence medical applications...

FDA clears world's first bedside MRI scanner-on-wheels

Source : FierceBiotech
Published : 2020-02-13

Inpatients around the United States could soon experience the convenience of having an MRI scan without leaving their hospital rooms. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration announced Wednesday it has approved 510(k) clearance for Hyperfine Research, Inc.'s first-in-industry bedside MRI system...

Machine Learning Uses EHR Data to Predict Alzheimer's Risk

Source : Health IT Analytics
Published : 2020-02-12

Machine learning algorithms analyzed EHR data and accurately predicted the onset of dementia within one to three years of diagnosis...

National Taiwan University Hospital Debuts 3 New Technologies at Taiwan Healthcare + Expo【2019.11.04】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-11-04

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) announced its AI-SWAS and AI-CDSS systems which respectively apply artificial intelligence techniques to remote wound diagnoses and categorization of dermatological diseases, along with a system for full-body precision medicine diagnosis...

Compal and University to Set up GTP Lab for Cell Therapy【2019.10.24】

Source : DigiTimes
Published : 2019-10-24

The cooperation will focus on research in new-generation cell therapy technology and integrating related research results in the US and Japan to develop tumor cell vaccines and CAR-T...

Taiwan and Australia sign Bilateral Medical Certification Agreement【2019.10.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-18

Taiwan recently signed a bilateral certification agreement with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS)...

Research breakthrough for NTUH's Helicobacter Pylori Treatment【2019.10.16】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-16

NTUH has conducted a number of clinical trials to develop effective therapies for Helicobacter groups and individuals, developing solutions that outperform thraditional three-in-one therapy approaches...

E-Da Hospital Offers Nerve Bypass Surgery with Nasal Stem Cells【2019.10.08】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-08

Intensive investment in stem cell therapies has produced remarkable new treatments for victims of spinal injuries and stroke, as well as innovations that greatly improve surgical success rates...

Taiwan Innovates Method for Cross-Blood Group Kidney Transplant【2019.10.05】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-10-05

Taichung Veterans General Hospital's Kidney Transplant Center actively integrates internal medicine and surgery to allow for the safe transplant of kidneys between donors and recipients with incompatible blood types...

Kuang Tien General Hospital eHealth Upgrade Introduces Cloud Care【2019.09.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-21

Kuang Tien General Hospital (KTGH) introduces its cloud-based medical management platform, allowing patients with end-stage renal disease to undergo peritoneal dialysis treatment at home while remaining fully connected to hospital resources...

Onyx Healthcare and TVGH collaborate on AI-enabled OR Transport Robot【2019.09.06】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-06

Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) has developed Taiwan's first native AI smart transport robot specific for operating room applications.

Quanta and E-Da Hospital team up on AI smart healthcare【2019.08.29】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-29

On August 16, E-Da Hospital and Quanta announced collaboration applying artificial analysis and big data analysis techniques to create a self-learning system to improve chest X-ray analysis.

Approval imminent for Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and Biotests' joint Cell Therapy【2019.08.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-21

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital anticipates imminent approval of its cell therapy program, making it the third such program in Taiwan after Tri-Service General Hospital and China Medical University Hospital...

ADHD is associated with multiple modifiable conditions│Study【2019.08.20】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-20

The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood questionnaire was used to measure allergic symptoms. Dietary intake of the participants was assessed using a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ). Fasting venous blood was collected and analyzed for complete blood count, white blood cell differential count, immunoglobulin (Ig) E level, serotonin level, and nutritional biochemistry.

NTUH integrates Genetic and CAEP Testing to restore Hearing Loss in Newborns【2019.08.15】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-15

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) has developed methods using the latest generation of localized genetic detection to address hearing loss in children, increasing the detection rate to up to 60%...

TVGH develops AI system to diagnose macular lesions with accuracy over 95%【2019.08.10】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-10

Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) has successfully developed an AI-based system that assists in the accurate detection of macular degeneration, providing preliminary diagnoses and analysis of retinal scans in seconds to determine medical treatment requirements.

Show Chwan Memorial Hospital provides Exablate Neuro for patients in the Philippines【2019.08.05】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-05

A neurological team from Show Chwan Memorial Hospital visited Bannai Philippines for assessment and treatment ...

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital assists Malaysian doctors in bringing patients to Taiwan for treatment【2019.08.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-03

Cheng Gung Memorial Hospital recently signed an MOU with Malaysia's Lam Wah Ee Hospital to introduce updated medical information systems...

Taiwanese EV-71 vaccine could hit market in 2020【2018.07.31】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2019-07-31

A vaccine for enterovirus 71 (EV-71) is undergoing clinical testing and might go to market next year, pediatricians said yesterday in Taipei at the release of a book about Taiwan's fight against the disease since the 1998 epidemic that killed 78 children...

Taiwan to build AI annotated Medical Image Database【2019.07.30】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-30

Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology announced on July 25 that it will promote a “Medical Imaging Project” to establish Taiwan's first domestic inter-institution “AI Annotated Medical Image Database”...

Tri-Service General Hospital establishes Asia's first Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Center【2019.07.24】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-24

Taipei's Tri-Service General Hospital announced the establishment of a Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) center to accelerate wound healing while reducing patient pain and treatment costs...

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital receives HIMSS EMRAM Level-7 international certification for electronic medical records【2019.07.22】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-22

Linkou Chang Geng Memorial Hospital recently announced it has become Taiwan's first medical institution to receive HIMSS EMRAM Level-7 international certification for electronic medical records.

Taipei Veterans General Hospital discovers Mechanism for Hair Regeneration【2019.07.20】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-08-05

Through experiments on mice, researchers at Taipei Veterans General Hospital have discovered that applying proper amounts of tension to the skin can induce stem cell activation and promote hair regeneration...

NTUH declares success in unusual heart failure case【2019.07.19】

Source : CNA News
Published : 2019-07-19

It took six months of monitoring a heart transplant patient, but National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) was finally willing to declare success Friday in keeping alive a patient without a functioning heart longer than ever before in Taiwan.

Quanta Computer donates AI medical cloud integration platform to NTUH for accurate and rapid medical diagnosis assistance【2019.07.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-18

Quanta Computer recently donated its QOCA® AIM platform to NTUH. In the future, this will be combined with a huge medical database to increase diagnosis speed and accuracy.

Two more Taiwan hospitals set to gain approval for cell therapies【2019.07.10】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-10

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) said Wednesday that it might soon issue approval for another two hospitals in Taiwan to offer cell therapies, as part of the country's efforts to excel in that area of treatment.

Taiwan hospital wants to establish stem cell centre in Malaysia【2019.07.04】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-07-12

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, a stem cell specialist centre in Taiwan is looking to collaborate with Malaysian hospitals to establish a stem cell specialist centre in the country.

NTUH introduces AI skin disease diagnostic support system【2019.06.26】

Source : FocusTaiwan
Published : 2019-06-26

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) on Wednesday unveiled a skin disease diagnostic support system that will help doctors identify skin diseases by using artificial intelligence and smartphone apps to increase the precision of clinical diagnosis and reduce intrusive medical checks.

TVGH introduces BNCT to offer patients optimal treatment【2019.06.24】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-24

Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) president Chang De-ming has announced a collaboration with Tsinghua University to develop Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) and chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

Taipei Veterans General Hospital sets record for minimally invasive living liver transplant【2019.06.14】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-14

In April, Taipei Veterans General Hospital's Pediatric Transplant Team conducted liver transplants for an 11 month-old Vietnamese girl weighing 6.7kg...

CMUH joins forces with EVER FORTUNE to pursue medical AI applications【2019.06.03】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-06-03

On May 24 China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) announced a collaboration to transfer medical AI technology to EVER FORTUNE Corp. in a project that combines rich expertise and data resources from CMUH, EVER FORTUNE and China Medical University (CMU)...

Japan-Led Team Finds Inexpensive Way of Stable Blood Stem Cell Expansion【2019.06.03】

Source : Nippon Communications Foundation
Published : 2019-06-03

An international research team led by a Japanese scientist has developed, in a world first, an effective, inexpensive method to let mouse hematopoietic stem cells, or HSCs, expand in laboratory apparatus stably for a long term...

New Breast Cancer Treatment to boost Survival Rates by 30 percent【2019.06.02】

Source : Agence France Presse
Published : 2019-06-02

A new form of drug drastically improves survival rates of pre-menopausal women with the most common type of breast cancer, researchers have said, citing the results of an international clinical trial...

CHUH, EVER SUPERME BIO Cell Therapy Approved for Treatment of Solid Tumors 【2019.05.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-05-21

On May 15, the Department of Health and Welfare approved the stem cell therapy application from China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) and EVER SUPERME BIO, only the second such application to be approved in Taiwan...

CGMH Develops New Cell Treatment Model for Introduction in June【2019.05.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-05-21

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has developed a new cell treatment model – neonatal antigen-activated tumor immunotherapy...

These Are the Economies With the Most (and Least) Efficient Health Care【2019.05.03】

Source : Bloomberg
Published : 2019-05-03

The U.S. will cost you the most for treatment, both in absolute terms and relative to average incomes, while life expectancy of Americans -- about 79 years -- was exceeded by more than 25 countries and territories, according to an annual Bloomberg analysis in almost 200 economies.

Kaohsiung Medical University Establishes 1st Asian Institute of Orthopedic Surgery and Industry in Taiwan【2019.04.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-04-18

Orthopedic implants and instrument made by western companies were not always fit in Asian bodies; therefore, Kaohsiung Medical University established the 1st Asian Institute of Orthopedic Surgery and Industry supported by Kaohsiung City government and collaborated with the Ministry of Science and Technology, and six main medical equipment companies in March, 2019

Taipei has revealed plans to create more Muslim-friendly Hospitals【2019.04.15】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2019-04-15

The Taipei City government is working with Taiwan Adventist Hospital (TAH) to expand the number of Muslim-friendly hospitals...

Taiwan set to offer Cell Therapies to treat Cancers, Joint Disease【2019.02.12】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-02-12

Six cell therapies recently approved by the government to treat medical issues including cancer, degenerative joint disease and skin wounds are expected to be available at permitted medical centers...

Arrival of Cell Therapy in Taiwan could help Cancer Patients【2019.02.11】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2019-02-11

The new hope for cancer patients and people with other ailments comes after Taiwan amended its "Regulations Governing the Application of Specific Medical Examination Techniques and Medical Devices" in September 2018 to permit six types of cell therapy for blood cancers, strokes, and degenerative joints, among other ailments...

Taiwan's Advanced Medical Technology gives Patients New Hope 【2019.01.25】

Source : The Jakarta Post
Published : 2019-01-25

The Taiwanese government helps both public and private hospitals that have passed the state's accreditation in procuring cutting-edge medical equipment in a bid to promote Taiwan as a medical tourist destination, keeping a pace with other Asian countries like, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand...

Japan Today: VR and AI bring New Options to Healthcare【2018.08.17】

Source : Japan Today
Published : 2018-08-17

In Japanese hospitals, virtual reality (VR) is getting real. Intuitive Surgical, the company behind the da Vinci robotic surgical system, is also exploring VR simulation training to hone physicians' robotic-assisted surgical skills. VR healthcare applications are increasingly found outside the surgical theater....

Taipei Medical University leads Taiwan in Systemic Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine【2018.07.31】

Source : QS Wow News
Published : 2018-07-31

Although Taipei Medical University triumphed over 20 universities to host Taiwan's Regeneration Technology Development program, it has many partners in this exciting new field...

A Taiwanese Research Team finds Mechanism of Metastasis for Breast Cancer-related【2018.07.10】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-07-10

The National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) yesterday said its researchers have discovered a mechanism that reduced the relapse and metastasis of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in animal testing, with future experiments to show whether it might have the same effect on the human body...

Infant from Kiribati conquers heart disease in Taiwan【2018.07.09】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-09

The survival of a five-month-old baby boy from Kiribati named Nawere has been called a "miracle" by Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei after he made it through several crises while being treated for an ailment caused by a congenital heart defect...

Taiwan Hospitals Team up to Tap into SE Asia Health Care Market【2018.06.26】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-06-26

Seventeen large hospitals in Taiwan formally launched an association Monday to jointly explore the health care market in countries targeted by the government's New Southbound Policy...

Taiwan plans The Construction of Geriatric Hospital【2018.06.25】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-06-25

In addition to caring for patients, the hospital would specialize in pharmaceutics for older patients and play a key role in developing smart hospitals...

Taiwan explores Cooperation in Health with Indonesia【2018.06.25】

Source : ANTARA News
Published : 2018-06-25

Taiwan has a great hope to be able to work with Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, through sharing experiences and contributing to the medical world...

Three US Scholars Awarded Tang Prize for Facilitating Targeted Cancer Therapies【2018.06.20】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-20

Dr. Tony Hunter, Dr. Brian J. Druker, and Dr. John Mendelsohn are the recipients of the 2018 Tang Prize in Biopharmaceutical Science. These three renowned American scholars are awarded for the discovery of protein tyrosine phosphorylation and tyrosine kinases as oncogenes, leading to successful targeted cancer therapies...

Taiwan's Cell and Gene Therapy Bill might Pass by August【2018.06.19】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-06-19

The law would be amended to include six cell therapy procedures, 10 special medical procedures and 11 pieces of medical equipment used in the special procedures...

Billions of T-cells clear woman's Breast Cancer in study【2018.06.10】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-06-10

An experimental therapy that extracts and multiplies powerful immune-system cells from inside tumors eradicated a patient's breast cancer, a scientific first that could lead to new ways of treating malignancies that have resisted all other efforts...

Taiwan Hospitals to Promote Health in Asia【2018.06.04】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-06-04

The Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) announced a plan last Friday for six Taiwanese hospitals to each form a medical team to improve health care in six Asian countries and lay the groundwork to boost Taiwan's health care and medical sector.

Many Breast Cancer Patients can Skip Chemo, Big Study finds【2018.06.04】

Source : Associated Press
Published : 2018-06-04

Most women with the most common form of early-stage breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy without hurting their chances of beating the disease, doctors are reporting from a landmark study that used genetic testing to gauge each patient's risk.

Taiwan Medical Team from Cathay General Hospital to assists Fijian Physical Health【2018.05.31】

Source : fijisun.com
Published : 2018-05-31

Taiwan's Two Major Medical Associations announce Consensus of the Pharmacological Management of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases【2018.05.23】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-23

This consensus provides physicians most updated information and recommendations regarding targets of HbA1c and choice of drugs. The consensus is not mandatory, and the physician's decision remains most important in diabetes management.

NHRI Researchers finds Three Major Factors for Liver Cancer【2018.05.22】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-05-22

The findings prove that in addition to commonly known risk factors — chronic hepatitis, alcohol addiction and cirrhosis — the three non-viral risk factors they have identified point at increased risk of developing liver cancer...

A Taiwanese Study Shows Heart Attacks more Common during Cold Weather【2018.05.19】

Source : The Irish News
Published : 2018-05-19

Those likely to be at risk include people who have previously had a heart attack, the elderly, smokers, or those with diabetes, high blood pressure, or who are obese.

Taiwan committed to 'healthy ASEAN community'【2018.05.10】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-05-10

Nauru Boy named 'Taiwan' a Tribute to Medical Missions Abroad【2018.05.04】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-05-04

US and Taiwan co-organize International Workshop on Laboratory Diagnosis for Enterovirus to Strengthen Diagnostic Capacity for enteroviruses among New Southbound Policy partner countries【2018.04.23】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-25

China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) Once Again in International Medical Aid for Vietnamese Children–Continues the Miracle of Life【2018.04.20】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-25

Taiwan's I-Shou School of Medicine accredited by List of International Medical Schools【2018.04.03】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-04-03

World Directory of Medical Schools is a comprehensive resource on undergraduate medical education worldwide

Taiwan Medical Teams Traveled Halfway across The World to offer aid to Peruvian Tribes【2018.04.03】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-04-03

Is Insomnia Linked to Cognitive Decline and Dementia?【2018.04.02】

Source : Adriano Vissa, PhD
Published : 2018-04-02

A Taiwanese study analyzed medical records to identify the risk of developing dementia for people diagnosed with primary insomnia.

Taiwan International Training Center promotes Global Health Care Development【2018.04.01】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-04-01

Taiwan's National Health Insurance advances WHO Goal【2018.03.26】

Source : Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
Published : 2018-03-26

Bedtime Routine might be better than Medication for Insomniacs: Taiwan Doctor【2018.03.20】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2018-03-20

Taiwan, One of The Top 10 Medical Tourism Destinations around The World【2018.03.13】

Source : Medical Tourism Magazine
Published : 2018-03-13

Taiwan boasts as the first in kidney transplant in Asia. The National Taiwan University Hospital, where the procedure was performed, provides affordable and high-quality treatment for medical tourists.

62-year-old Taiwanese Woman successfully gives Birth【2018.03.09】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-03-09

62-year-old woman ties the record for being the oldest to ever give birth in Taiwan

Varicose veins tied to higher odds for blood clots 【2018.02.28】

Source : Medical Xpress
Published : 2018-02-28

Taiwanese Doctors offer Telehealth Services to Compatriot Businessmen in Thailand【2018.02.12】

Source : Central News Agency
Published : 2018-02-12

A group from Changhua Christian Hospital visited Thailand on Saturday Feb. 10

World Academy of Sciences selects three Taiwanese as fellows【2018.02.06】

Source : The Central News Agency
Published : 2018-02-06

Taiwan Researchers find Key Substance for Brain Cell Regeneration【2018.02.06】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-02-07

Treatment Outcomes of Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis in Taiwan【2018.02.06】

Source :
Published : 2018-02-06

Of the 692 MDR-TB patients, 570 (82.4%) were successfully treated. Taiwan's TMTC has been a highly effective model of care in the management of MDR-TB.

Study reveals Rising Burden of Atrial Fibrillation among Asian Patients【2018.02.06】

Source : News Medical
Published : 2018-02-06

First large-scale investigation of AF in Taiwan shows increasing risks, according to a new study in the journal CHEST®

Taiwan's National Health Insurance enters New Era of Cloud-based Records Management【2018.01.31】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2018-01-31

Taiwan's National Health Insurance (NHI) system is entering a new era of efficiency and upgraded services following the recent launch of a cloud-based medical records management platform, according to the NHI Administration under the Ministry of Health and Welfare Jan. 30.

Taiwan reports its 1st Liver Transplant for Newborn【2018.01.24】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2018-01-24

The boy was only 52 days old when he was given a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare maternal-fetal autoimmune disease

Taiwan to Increase Hospitals and Pharmacies for HIV Care【2017.12.26】

Source : Focustaiwan
Published : 2017-12-26

Taiwan is expected to increase the number of designated hospitals and pharmacies that provide medical care and medicine for HIV and AIDS patients in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Friday. At a press conference to announce the move, CDC Director-General Chou Jih-haw said Taiwan is expected to see an additional four designated hospitals that provide medical care to HIV and AIDS patients next year, bringing the total number to 73.

Taiwan's Medical Programs recognized as Comparable to Those of The USA【2017.12.26】

Source : Taiwannews
Published : 2017-12-26

The Ministry of Education received a notice on Dec. 25 from the US National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA), under the US Department of Education.

Mistreating ADHD might Worsen Condition: Group【2017.11.20】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-11-20

BREAKING STIGMA:Symptoms of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder include severe, disproportionate tempers and a constantly irritable mood, a physician said

Taiwan Government Hopes to Reduce Unnecessary Healthcare Expenditure by Introduce More Information Technology【2017.11.14】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-11-14

EXPENSIVE TREATMENT:The premier said cancer medication cost the nation NT$32.2 billion last year, about 38 percent of treatment costs, and he hoped to bring this down

Taiwanese Delegation Hopes to Establish a Patient Transfer System in Malaysia【2017.11.14】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-11-14

A delegation of medical experts from nine Taiwanese hospitals and clinics is visiting Malaysia, hoping to establish a patient transfer system with Malaysian medical institutes and introduce more patients to Taiwan.

Breast Cancer Cells Empowered in Tumor-draining Lymph Nodes by Tregs【2017.11.07】

Source : Academia Sinica
Published : 2017-11-07

When breast cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes, it is considered an important prognostic predictor for patient survival. However, whether tumor-draining lymph nodes (TDLNs) take parts in the course of breast cancer metastasis has never been thoroughly looked at.

Taiwan, Marshall Islands sign health care agreement【2017.11.07】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-11-07

Taiwan's Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital signed an agreement with the Marshall Islands' Ministry of Health and Human Services last Monday to continue a medical internship program as well as establish a Hospital Information System (HIS) to enhance the quality of health care in the Pacific island country.

‘Taiwan-made' Test-tube Babies Hold Reunion【2017.11.06】

Source : INQUIRER.net
Published : 2017-11-06

More than 500 Filipino test-tube babies have been born with the help of Lee's hospital in Taichung, Taiwan.

Herbal Remedies Linked to Cases of Liver Cancer across Asia【2017.10.23】

Source : The Japan Times
Published : 2017-10-23

Taiwan and Singapore's researchers have uncovered widespread evidence of a link between traditional Chinese herbal remedies and liver cancer across Asia, a study said last Wednesday.

A Successful Case of Taiwan's First Allogeneic Double Arm Transplant【2017.10.02】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-10-02

A medical team at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital found him a suitable arm donor, and he became the recipient of Taiwan's first allogeneic double arm transplant.

Hereditary and Environmental Factors are Just as Critical as Smoking in Causing Cancer: Taiwan Study【2017.09.25】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-09-25

The study confirms that hereditary and environmental factors are just as critical as smoking in causing cancer, said Yang Pan-chyr, who led the research.

Taiwan and India Eager to Join Hands on Healthcare【2017.09.24】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-09-26

Taiwanese delegation visits India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

St Jude Hospital to Receive Medical Specialists from Taiwan【2017.09.22】

Source : St. Lucia New
Published : 2017-09-22

St Jude Hospital (SJH), the main healthcare provider in the south of St Lucia, formally welcomed six medical volunteers from Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan.

NTU Hospital sets Example with Newborn Screening Program【2017.09.17】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-09-17

National Taiwan University (NTU) Hospital's Newborn Screening Center has worked with hospitals and clinics across Taiwan, conducting screening for around 120,000 newborns between 2014 and 2016 and finding eight babies with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

Taiwan to host World Hospital Congress【2017.09.09】

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-09-12

The event is organised by International Hospital Federation, which works closely with the WHO.

Taiwanese scholar wins global award for cancer breakthrough【2017.09.04】

Source : Wow News
Published : 2017-09-04

Dr Kelvin Tsai is used to acclaim – a press release about his most recent paper inspired some twenty news stories published around the world, and he recently returned from accepting the Breast Journal Award from WISE Blackwell publishers at a Florida ceremony.

19 Healthcare Organizations in Taiwan Make Commitments Toward Zero Preventable Patient Deaths【2017.08.29】

Source : The Patient Safety Movement Foundation
Published : 2017-08-29

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) announced on August 24 that 19 hospitals and healthcare organizations in Taiwan have signed a commitment to implement processes to eliminate preventable patient deaths. The commitments were announced in Taichung City, Taiwan in June 2017.

Taiwan's Government aims to Increase Dementia Care Centers, Diagnosis Rates【2017.08.26】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2017-08-26

The Ministry of Health and Welfare aims to increase the number of dementia care centers and the diagnosis rates of the disease in Taiwan over the next four years, Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said Saturday.

Quitting Statins after Stroke may Raise Risk of Another Stroke: Taiwan Study【2017.08.22】

Source : American Heart Association
Published : 2017-08-22

Stroke patients who stopped taking statin drugs three to six months after a first ischemic stroke, the type caused by narrowed arteries, had a higher risk of a having another stroke within a year, according to new research in Journal of the American Heart Association.

Taiwan Hospital Helps to Develop Microchip for Fetal Testing【2017.08.19】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-08-19

Cathay General Hospital said it has developed a new class of microchips with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) that might be able to help in noninvasive screening of fetuses for genetic disorders.

Taiwanese University Research Team Rewrite Memory Formation Formula【2017.08.16】

Source : Chang Gung University
Published : 2017-08-16

Palau signs MOU with Taiwan Hospital/University【2017.08.16】

Source : I-Shou University
Published : 2017-08-16

Vietnamese Girls Celebrate at The CMUH after Receiving Treatment for Elephantiasis【2017.07.25】

Source : CNA NEWS
Published : 2017-07-25

Taiwan Joins Forces with Insilico Medicine to Apply AI to Biomedical Research【2017.07.05】

Source : DCB, PITDC, TMU
Published : 2017-07-05

The Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB), the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industrial Technology Development Center (PITDC), and Taipei Medical University (TMU), three of Taiwan's premier biomedical institutions, have teamed up with Baltimore-based Insilico Medicine to develop groundbreaking research in applied A.I. for biomedical science. The four parties signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) for Cooperation at the BioTaiwan 2017 BioBusiness Asia Conference.

Cancer remains No. 1 cause of death in Taiwan in 2016【2017.06.19】

Source : China Post
Published : 2017-06-26

Persistence pays for Taiwan virologist who helped stop SARS【2017.05.24】

Source : Nikkei Asia Review
Published : 2017-05-24

Once ignored, Michael Ming-Chiao Lai's research saved countless lives

110 babies born via donor eggs from Taiwan since 2014【2017.05.09】

Source : The Yomiuri Shimbun
Published : 2017-05-09

Taiwanese egg donors help infertile Japanese couples conceive 110 children in three years

Patient received electronic eyes surgery in Taiwan - Asia's first successful case 【2017.04.21】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-04-21

The procedure is currently only able to restore vision to 0.01, but experts are optimistic about the rapid rate of technological advances

MOST seals medical research agreement with MIT【2017.04.13】

Source :
Published : 2017-04-13

Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology deepens medical research collaboration with MIT

World takes reference from Taiwan's research on H. pylori: scholar 【2017.03.28】

Source : Central News Agency
Published : 2017-03-28

Taiwan new invention makes life easier for kidney disease patients 【2017.03.22】

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2017-03-22

Top ECMO Center in Asia Region; Providing Life Saving Treatment and High Quality Care【2017.03.10】

Source :
Published : 2017-03-10

According to reports from the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO), of the 648 cases of applying Extra-Corporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ECPR) to adult patients in 2012, 311 of those cases were performed by the ECMO Team at NTUH. Compared to traditional CPR, ECMO is twice as effective. To this day, there are over 2,000 cases of ECPR use on adult patients. -Department of Cardiac Surgery ECMO Team, NTUH

Biological Reconstruction can Give You Back Your Active Life【2017.03.06】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-03-06

In the treatment of highly malignant osteosarcoma in non-metasticizing patients, the Department of Orthropaedics and Traumatology has a 5-year survival rate of 90.4%, and a retention of 95% of appendages. -Therapeutical and Research Center of Musculoskeletal Tumor, Taipei VGH

Radiation-free Cardiac Catheter 3D Stereotactic System for treating Juvenile Arrhythmias【2017.02.24】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-02-24

Using the radiation-free catheter 3D stereotactic system, complex congenital heart surgery team has helped 8 children to perform electrocautery, 4 children even completed without radiation exposure. -Complex Congenital Heart Surgery Team, NTUH

Saving a life from MI begins in the back of the ambulance【2017.02.21】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-02-21

Real-time wireless electrocardiogram transmission technology shortens the time for the heart to be without oxygen and reduces the rate of death from 21% to less than 5%. At Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Cardiovascular Medical Center, door-to-balloon time is on average a mere 53 minutes, which is far lower than the international standard of 90 minutes. - Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Cardiovascular Medical Center

Taiwan, a World Leader in Electric Cardioversion【2017.02.18】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-02-18

The Division of Cardiology of Taipei Veterans General Hospital was the first in the world to discover the abnormal firing of pulmonary cells. Today, the success rate of electrical cardioversion procedures has reached 90%. -Taipei Veterans General Hospital Division of Cardiology

NTUH-HOPE 2016 Taiwan and Mongolia Medical Exchange Program Completed Successfully【2016.12.06】

Source : National Taiwan University Hospital
Published : 2016-12-06

NTUH dispatched the professional teams to assist Mongolian hospitals to enhance the quality and efficiency in treating and diagnosing complicated cases provide instructions on medical procedures/operations, to co-host case conferences and to assist in the standardization of healthcare protocols and y procedures and completed successfully.

World Leader in Survival Rate for Living-Donor Liver Transplants【2016.10.19】

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2016-10-19

The Liver Transplant Center has developed minimal blood-loss living-donor hepatectomy, has completed more than 1,200 living-donor liver transplants, has reached a five-year survival rate of 98% for biliary atresia sufferers, and 90% for both cirrhosis from hepatitis B and liver cancer.

National Eye bank of Taiwan, Cooperate with SightLife, foreseeing leader in Asia【2016.11.16】

Source : Ministry of Health and Welfare
Published : 2016-11-16

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MoHW), National Eye Bank of Taiwan, and SightLife signed a memorandum of cooperation. It is expected that five years of close cooperation will make the National Eye Bank of Taiwan a dedicated institution for training eye bank professionals in the Greater China Region and a leader in Asian eye bank organizations.
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