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World-Renowned Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Leads Taiwan in the Dopamine Battle against Parkinson's Disease

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-30

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital is highly reputable internationally in the realm of neuroscience research. In 2008, the hospital was the first to perform Deep brain stimulation (DBS) with general anesthesia, freeing patients of the terrors of an awake surgery as is traditionally performed. The achievements are internationally acclaimed, and the hospital has initiated 8 medical centers to perform their first DBS surgery.

In March of this year, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and the Gwoxi Stem Cell Group announced their collaboration to develop an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) new drug. The new small molecule drug will combine with dopaminergic progenitor cells derived from iPSCs to help the graft cells mature quickly. The cell is then transplanted to the host nervous system to improve the effectiveness of therapy, bringing a new hope for Parkinson's Disease patients.

Deep Brain Stimulation Effectively Improves Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that has an incidence rate second only to dementia. Although the exact cause of the disease is unknown, a combination of factors including genetics, the environment, and toxins are suspected to cause degeneration of the neurons in the substantia nigra, leading to a decrease in the neurotransmitter dopamine, and consequently motor impairments. The main symptoms of PD are slowness of motion and rigidity, with about 60 % of the patients also suffering from tremors. Other possible symptoms include decreased sensitivity or loss of the sense of smell, lack of facial expressions, poor balance, difficulty to swallow, sleep disorders, constipation, and depression. Although no cure is available for PD at the moment, treatment by medication or surgery can effectively improve symptoms for as long as 20 to 30 years. The average age of onset is between 50 and 60 years of age, however, younger patients who show symptom before the age of 40 also exist. Deep brain stimulation (DBS), as the name suggests, involves implanting a microelectrode 8 cm deep into the nucleus of the brain to modulate the subthalamic nucleus or globus pallidus interna using electrical currents. The technique improves the neural circuitry and is effective for more than 20 years after surgery, though the battery must be replaced every five years.

Active Involvement in International Training and Collaboration

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital is highly reputable internationally in the realm of neuroscience research. The current superintendent at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Dr. Shinn-Zong Lin, was the first person in Taiwan to successfully perform an embryonic diencephalic stem cell implant in the brain of a PD patient to regenerate dopaminergic cells and treat symptoms. In 2002, Dr. Shin-Yuan Chen coordinated hospital resources to improve the patient and caretaker's quality of life by combining medication, DBS, rehabilitation, and social work. The following year, the Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Center was established and has since completed the assessment, diagnosis, counseling, follow-up, and treatment of over 900 patients. In 2008, the hospital was the first to perform DBS with general anesthesia, freeing patients of the terrors of an awake surgery as is traditionally performed1. More than 200 successful cases have already been performed. The achievements are internationally acclaimed, as nearly 40 medical centers in Taiwan and other countries including Japan, Australia, the US, and Canada have sent their staff to visit. Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital has also initiated 8 medical centers to perform their first DBS surgery. Its track record reflects that the team has the right personnel and equipment and the experience of treating and servicing patients with motor impairment, in particular PD. It is no surprise that the team is the leader in Taiwan and internationally renowned in the field.

Aside from the clinical work, the Center is also dedicated to integrating the results of its research in fundamental science and translating it into clinical applications. The Center is constantly conducting clinical trials and collaborating with the international community. These include international and interdisciplinary project to treat Alzheimer's through DBS, collaboration with Professor Paul R. Sanberg, an international authority in neuroscience, to develop cell therapy for stroke, and research on ALS treatment with yet another prominent figure, Dr. Koji Abe.

Registry, Innovations, Patient Support Group - Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital is Committed to Comprehensive Care

To better research and continue to improve the quality of life of the patients and their family members, the Center has established the only PD research database in Taiwan, the Parkinson's Disease Registry (PDR). The PDR currently includes data from more than 800 patients, the largest in Asia. The Center has also been innovating and obtaining patents, including the "virtual cane," which integrates visual and auditory cues into the walking aid to enhance the fluidity of the patient's gait; and the "vibrating sole," which provides continuous mechanical stimulation to the sole of the foot to boost the perceptual input of the lower limb to improve balance. Additionally, the Center established the first nation-wide PD patient support group registered with the government. The group extends clinical care to the patient's home to help them regain confidence and return to society.   

Note 1: Traditionally, patients undergo DBS in the awake state to allow measurement of neuronal signals as the final check for the implantation. Currently, less than 20% of DBS centers in the world perform the procedure with general anesthesia (GA). In March of 2017, an article comparing awake and asleep DBS surgery was published in JNNP (impact factor = 7.349), the number one journal in neurosurgery. According to the article, the improvement on motor disability was comparable in both groups, yet, the complication was less in the group of GA. Two past papers published by Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital were cited by this article.

(Editing by Nicole Yang, Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy)

Journal of the American Medical Association lauds Taiwan's coronavirus efforts

Source :
Published : 2020-03-10

Taiwan has shown an example of an efficient response using modern electronic tools: Stanford expert

Virus highlights Taiwan's expertise

Source : Taipei Times
Published : 2020-03-03

Taiwanese officials have taken concrete steps to prevent the spread of the disease. These include stricter border controls, formulating standard operating procedures regarding virus-source tracing and minimizing the risk...

Hong Kong Women Come to Taiwan to Bypass a 3-Year Wait List for Joint Replacement

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-11-04

A 68-year-old woman from Hong Kong suffering from degenerative arthritis was unable to walk or sleep without daily pain medication, with her daily dosage increasing over time...

Guam Patients receive Life-changing Care at Taiwan Hospital

Source : The Guam Daily Post
Published : 2019-10-24

Taiwan NHI data provides a Key Advantage for AI Medical Applications

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-11

This year, Taiwan's National Health Insurance Bureau will open its medical imaging database to biotechnology and healthcare firms, providing a distinct advantage in the development of AI and big data applications for precision medicine and cloud-based medical care.

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital department of reproductive medicine promotes fertility among Balanced Translocation carriers

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2019-09-11

Unable to have children due to the husband being a Balanced Translocation carrier, in 2017 a couple traveled from abroad to to Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, a leader in reproductive medicine technology...

Revealed: Countries With The Best Health Care Systems, 2019

Source : CEOWORLD magazine
Published : 2019-08-12

Taiwan has the best health care systems in the world, that's according to the 2019 edition of the CEOWORLD magazine Health Care Index, which ranks 89 countries according to factors that contribute to overall health...

An International Patient gets Second Chance at Life Thanks to Taiwan Hospital

Source : Pacific Daily News
Published : 2019-08-05

Guam woman has 40-lb tumor removed. It was the biggest tumor ever operated on in Taiwan. A Guam woman recently had a 40-pound cancerous growth removed from her stomach, and is praising her treatment at a hospital in Kaoshiung...

Cell therapy: New promise for cancer treatment and cartilage repair

Source : FTV News
Published : 2019-07-29

More than 300,000 international visitors arrive at Taiwan each year in search of world-class medical treatment. Soon cell therapy will further raise Taiwan's profile in global medical community...

The ILTS Distinguished Service Award (DSA) honors Chen Chao-long, a leading expert on liver transplants in Taiwan

Source : Taaiwan Healthcare
Published : 2019-06-26

Chen Chao-long dubbed "the father of liver transplants in Asia," was one of the recipients of the 2019 Distinguished Service Award (DSA) in recognition of his achievements.

Taiwan International Training Center Promotes Global Health Care Development

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-11-27

The Taiwan International Health Training Center in strengthening medical care development around the world is success...

Chi Mei Hospital integrated Imaging System for Direct View of Vascular Lesion to Improve Survival Rate of Complex Coronary Artery Disease Patients

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-10-01

Ku combined OCT and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) with the existing high-end dual-monitor vascular imaging system to increase the resolution of the images in the depth of the cardiovasculature by 100 times through effective integration of the technologies. As a result, doctors can accurately determine the state of the lesion during a complex percutaneous coronary intervention and can customize a treatment plan for the patient. In addition to buying extra time for treatment, it can improve the effectiveness of the coronary stent placement, including a significantly lowered death rate due to cardiovascular diseases...

Innovative Breakthroughs of Chi Mei Medical Center in Complex Surgeries and Electronic Larynx

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-09-26

Chi Mei Medical Center has been providing healthcare education and free clinics in over 20 countries in South East Asia and Central America for 20 years. Chi Mei has provided professional training for medical personnel from various countries and has sent its own staff to El Salvador, where they spent two years training radiation oncology personnel for a national cancer prevention center in a country where cancer prevalence has continued to rise though resources remain scarce. Chi Mei is also adept at combining creativity with new technology for clinical applications. For example, they equipped a hybrid operation room with an ARTIS pheno and used it for complex surgeries other than cardiovascular ones.

From Minimally Invasive to Non-invasive: KMUH Establishes International Reputation in New HIFU Treatment

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-09-05

In April 2015, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital was the first to conduct HIFU procedures in southern Taiwan. It was used to treat uterine fibroids and adenomyosis, with a price tag that was much more affordable than other countries. KMUH has successfully treated over 500 patients, with 4% coming from abroad from countries including Denmark ,Switzerland,Canada and USA. A British patient even came via referral from a local physician in the UK. At the year-end Taiwan Healthcare Expo, KMUH will be displaying a model of the HIFU machine and sharing its experience in using HIFU treatment..

Show Chwan To Showcase World's Top Laparoscopic Surgery Training Center and Novel Medical Assistive Devices

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-28

In 2008, Show Chwan Health Care System and IRCAD France established IRCAD Taiwan, a minimally invasive training center. Professor Jacques Marescaux, director of IRCAD France, leads a world renown group of doctors to conduct lessons and hands-on training. The center once invited the two leaders in the field: Jacques Marescaux and Luc Soler, along with Siemens, Karl Storz and Intuitive Surgical to Taiwan to discuss the future trend of minimally invasive surgery. More than 7000 surgeons from Taiwan and abroad have been trained at IRCAD Taiwan, making it the top minimally invasive surgery training center in Asia. It is also the innovation incubation center of minimally invasive surgery device and system...

NTUH: World's Top ECMO Center with Highest Survival Rate

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-21

In 2003, NTUH was the first in the world to publish a large-scale report on extracorporeal CPR. The report established the feasibility of using ECMO with CPR and coined the term ECPR. No discussion of ECPR is complete without the mention of the outstanding achievements of NTUH, a list that includes the most cases and highest survival rate in the world (the survival rate of patients supported on who suffered cardiac arrest before arrival at the hospital on ECMO support is 38.7%) and the ELSO Award of Excellence in 2014 and 2017. Its success with ECMO has become one of the most internationally acclaimed medical achievements of Taiwan.

Infusing Cancer Treatment and Maternal-Fetal Care with Smart Technology in Yeezen General Hospital

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-14

Yeezen Hospital prides itself as the longtime protector of the south Taoyuan region. The hosptial has long held the core mission of bringing community-based healthcare to the local people. As healthcare topics garner more attention on the global stage, Yeezen Hospital is aiming to transform one specialty a year.

CSMUH's Innovative Electronic Patient Record Revolutionizes Hospital Process

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-08-07

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital began introducing electronic patient records 9 years ago. An innovative smart patient record for teaching was also introduced. The database and system process has been standardized at CSMUH across the outpatient clinics, the wards, and the emergency department and this new high-level medical information cloud is expected to be demonstrated at the Taiwan Healthcare Expo at the end of the year...

YMUH Dedication to Elderly Care Bears Fruit in Dementia Care and Sarcopenia Diagnosis

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-31

National Yang Ming University Hospital is dedicated to elderly care with their establishment of the Dementia Shared Care Center and development of a breakthrough Sarcopenia diagnostic tool. The establishment of the dementia care network brings together different sectors to offer comprehensive services from prevention and screening to diagnosis and care. The network has saved the society 4 million(NTD) and helps to build a dementia-friendly community. Possible future development includes the application of big data in care. YMUH has also developed a breakthrough sarcopenia diagnostic tool using the Microsoft Kinect. This convenient tool already meets standards for clinical use and overcomes the portability issue of previous tools, possibly leading to application of large scale diagnosis.

Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery Center of CYCH Pioneers New Indication for Endoscopic Spine Decompression

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-24

The minimally invasive PELD surgery is typically used for the treatment of herniated discs and bone spurs. The Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery Center of the Orthopedics Department at Chia-Yi Christian Hospital has treated slippage of the spine and severe scoliosis in an innovative application of the technique. Compared to traditional methods of treatment, PELD has the advantage of a smaller incision, less trauma to the surrounding muscles, less pain, less blood loss, and less pain management drug use.

Taiwan's Authority in Bone Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction Pioneers New Cryotherapy Techniques

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-16

Many bone tumor centers in the world use liquid nitrogen cryotherapy as a precision adjuvant therapy to minimize recurrence of the tumor. As traditional methods see complications in as high as 19% of the cases, Dr. Wu began to develop new techniques. In 2014, Dr. Wu succeeded in developing a method using low-temperature solid ethanol to treat bone sarcoma. The method not only improves upon the shortcomings of using liquid nitrogen but also has been verified to lower the complication rate.

Tri-Service General Hospital's 3D Printing Team Innovates Treatment of Pelvic and Hip Joint Fractures

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-09

The Orthopaedics Department at TSGH began developing an innovative treatment for complex pelvic fracture and hip joint fractures in 2016. The treatment involved using CT images of the patient and printing a 1:1 model of the pelvis with the latest 3D image simulated reduction technique and 3D printing technology. Prior to the surgery, a steel plate is molded according to the surface of the patient's bone, then, after planning the location of the steel plate, the placement of plates and screws from a minimally invasive incision was simulated to avoid the complications of inappropriate screw length and placement.

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital's Division of Respiratory Therapy Achieves Excellent Results in Emergency with World-leading 100% ETCO2 Monitoring Rate

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-07-03

The team has made several innovative achievements, including being the team with the most inhaled nitric oxide delivery equipments for critically ill children; installation of the only independent children's disinfection room in Taiwan, helping to prevent ventilator-related pneumonia; and being the first to implement a completely digitized information system, improving the timeliness, efficiency, and quality of care with a comprehensive electronic patient record and shift system.

World's First Thrombectomy Protocol for Treatment of Vascular Access Thrombosis within 24 Hours - NTUH Hsin-chu Branch

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-25

The team has accumulated data from over 30,000 procedures in its database. Comparing to the scale of other database in published literatures, it is possibly the largest database in Asia. The achievement for the team included: 95% thrombectomy procedures completed within 24 hours, a 94-99% clinical success rate, and a 90-93% patency rate at 1 year after treatment. These outcomes are remarkable when compared to that of renowned teams around the world.

Taiwan's Authority in Heart Transplantation – Cheng Hsin General Hospital Strives for the Best Quality

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-19

Cheng Hsin General Hospital (CHGH) has continued to improve its medical equipment and techniques while doing its best in areas that may not get noticed. For example, its high survival rate after heart transplantation isn't just due to surgical technique alone. More importantly, it relies on the Telecare Service Center's continuous postoperative monitoring and immediate actions. This is why that even though telecare is difficult to implement well, CHGH has defied the odds to build up an excellent track record.

Cheng Hsin General Hospital's Cochlear Implantation Boasts the World's Smallest Surgical Incision and Earliest Activation

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-11

Since 2004, the Cheng Hsin Hospital cochlear implant team has completed nearly 500 cochlear implantations for patients from Taiwan and other countries. The team has achieved an almost perfect track record of zero infections, zero complications, and preserved nearly 100% residual hearing. Taiwan possesses more competitive medical data and relatively lower medical cost, presenting an excellent choice for international patients.

Taiwan's Electro Magnetic Legend - Integrated Electromagnetic Navigation in Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery without Complications

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-06-05

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery with Magnetic Navigation Offers Safer Option with Smaller Incision. The team has plans to continue to expand the world-class intelligent integrated neurosurgical suite, including using 3D images for endoscopic lumbar procedures, introducing innovative techniques such as minimally invasive computer-assisted techniques to spinal surgeries, and applying augmented reality to surgery, rehabilitation, and training to benefit more patients.

The Best Example of Telemedicine in Taiwan: Cheng Hsin General Hospital's Seamless Integration of Telecardiological Care with Conventional Care Brings Excellent Results with Precise Use of Medication

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-29

The Center's accomplishments include: (a) early detection of threats to health, elucidating the cause of diseases, and increasing patient compliance rate, (b) increasing blood pressure control rate to over 80%, improving blood pressure fluctuation, and normalizing daily blood pressure fluctuations, and (c) improving blood glucose, blood lipid, and blood pressure levels through an exercise and diet plan.

Cancer Drugs May Damage the Heart - Chi Mei Hospital Initiates Asia's First Cardio-Oncology Care Program

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-21

The team tracked the cardiac index of breast cancer patients using echocardiography and serum analysis during the acute, subacute, and chronic phase of drug injection and notified the oncologist as soon as any abnormality is detected. By closely tracking the heart function, the hope is to allow patients to undergo chemotherapy without the need to worry.

With Precision Spine Surgery and Digitized Intelligent System, Kuang Tien General Hospital Reconstructs Patient Mobility

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-15

Kuang Tien General Hospital's Neurosurgery Department is the first to develop a medical PDA mobile intelligent monitoring system which allows coordination of all steps of the surgery to provide knowledge of the operation status to all relevant parties and facilitate the procedure.

The World's First to Integrate Medical 3D Printing Research and Applications: China Medical University Hospital's Seamless Connection with Industry

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-05-08

The 3D MRC is the first international collaborative research center to work with Georgia Institute of Technology. With several spinoff companies having been established from related technologies, the 3D MRC collaborates with industry and has attracted the highest investments in the medical 3D printing industry to itself and for technology transfers.

Taiwan Can Better Assist Countries In Achieving Universal Health Coverage

Source : Dr. Shih-Chung Chen, the minister of health and welfare, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Published : 2018-05-07

Taiwan has a constructive role to play in creating a robust global health network, and the best way to share our experience with other countries is through participation in the World Health Assembly and the WHO.

Introduction of Hospice Care Model in the Emergency Department to Optimize the End of Life Journey for Patients

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-23

Since emergency department hospice care moves communication to the front of the process, the patient and their family members have more time to understand the medical circumstances and the possible measures to be taken. Such a move can avoid the controversy that may occur if the patient's condition quickly deteriorates or in case of poor communication. The emergency staff can then focus on what's beneficial for the patient, protecting and improving the quality of medical care for the patient.

Overturning Ischemic Stroke - China Medical University Hospital's Swift and Efficient Recanalization with Thrombectomy

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-16

Improving Recanalization Rate: Turning the Tide against Ischemic Stroke. The China Medical University Stroke Center has had an excellent treatment plan for strokes using thrombolytic agents and is the country's benchmark hospital with the highest number and proportion of thrombolysis cases.

From Zero to Hero: Taipei Veterans General Hospital Performs Second Life Transplantation for Persons with Diabetes

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-09

Between 2003 and 2017, TVGH achieved a success rate of 96.4% for the surgery and was number one in Taiwan for the number of transplants performed with the survival rate besting top hospitals in the US and Europe.

Innovative Respiratory Control System allows Radiotherapy more Precise Hitting- Shin Kong Hospital

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-04-02

The technique can reduce the treatment volume by accurately targeting to the lesion sites without unnecessarily injury surrounding normal tissues.

Regaining Sight and Confidence: The World's First FOOM Flap Shortening Surgery

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2018-03-21

Dr. Chung-Sheng Lai developed what is known as the "FOOM flap shortening" surgical technique, which has benefited nearly 1,000 ptosis patients. Myasthenia gravis sufferers have also regained their sight thanks to this technique.

The Drug Injury Relief System for Patient Benefit in Taiwan

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-11-01

The Drug Injury Relief System is a no-fault compensation system to give alms to people who suffered from drug injury or to his/her family members. It has been found for almost two decades in Taiwan.

NTUH Telehealth Center: Telemonitoring 24, live

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-10-30

The application of telemedicine is wide. This technology is usually used for monitoring the physiological parameters in patients with several subacute diseases, such as multiple chronic diseases, myocardial infarction, cardiac catheterization, the history of stroke, and major orthopedic surgery.

China Medical University Hospital: The leading Pioneer in Cancer treatment International level of medical characteristics and technology

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-10-23

In addition to conventional routine examination, the Cancer Center of CMUH also offers several biomedical tests, including genetic test and detection of specific proteins, and help physicians personalize more appropriate therapy for patients.

Community Cancer Prevention by Cancer Treatment Center, YeeZen General Hospital

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-10-16

Promoting the communitization-based anti-cancer care services offer several advantages. Given that early detection/treatment of cancer leads to better prognosis, YeeZen General Hospital therefore focused on breast cancer and colorectal cancers, those cancers with high incidence in Yangmei City, and provided the community residents the resources for health education and cancer screening, and improved the residents' awareness of cancer prevention and its early detection.

'One-stop' Personalized Cancer Treatment - Shin Kong Hospital

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-10-11

The department of Therapeutic Radiation & Oncology is equipped with two modern radiotherapy machines (Tomotherapy and Linac) for clinical oncologists to integrate chemotherapy, hyperthermia, and immunotherapy with radiotherapy. A home-made respiratory control counteracting couch was developed for moving target radiotherapy. We tried to combine hyperthermia, immunotherapy and tumor microenvironment metabolic therapy to enhance treatment effects and increase survival rate through treatment induced immunity.

Shin Kong Hospital – The Preferred Medical Center for Palau Patients

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-09-25

Palau is a country with 20,000 residents; but over the entire nation, there is only one hospital, three clinics, and eight health centers. In the past, Palau used to send people with complex diseases to the Philippines, which is 800 miles away. However, after Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (Shin Kong Hospital) established the medical referral service for Palau in 2014, 80% of the patients in Palau choose to transfer a longer distance of 1,600 miles to Shin Kong Hospital in Taiwan for better treatment. The remaining proportion is patients on stretchers, who are not transportable by the typical commercial aircrafts. Since then, the number of referral has accumulated to over 2,000 people.

Hello, International Patients

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-09-19

All hospitals and clinics in Taiwan are able to provide English services. Most major medical centers in Taiwan has an international medical service center (IMSC) that can assist and fulfill various medical requirements for patients with different language background.

NCKU Hospital President: Taiwan's Palliative Care Ranked No. 1 in Asia

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-08-29

A national university hospital president in Taiwan on August 19 quoted a Singaporean foundation's research finding as saying Taiwan's palliative care quality was ranked No. 1 in Asia and No. 6 in the world.   

Taiwan's Annual Medical Expense for Treating HIV/AIDS Estimated to Exceed NT$6 Billion in 2021

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-08-07

Taiwan's government and the National Health Insurance expect to foot an annual medical bill of more than NT$6 billion (about US$196 million) in 2021.

Taiwan's Door is Always Open for Medical Tourists

Source : Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Published : 2017-07-06

Everybody agrees that taking a vacation is good for your health. Relaxation, combined with fresh air and a bit more exercise than usual, does wonders for your mental and physical well-being. So why not add a comprehensive physical exam to your itinerary, so you return to work not only refreshed, but also reassured that those annoying headaches were nothing more than stress?

Hospital Accreditation in Taiwan – For the Best Quality of Medical Services

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-06-16

The hospital accreditation in Taiwan is an interactive accreditation mode for hospitals all at the same level, ensuring medical service skills are continuously competitively innovated. Innovated healthcare services and medical skills are widely and rapidly spread, thus enhancing the accreditation quality of Taiwan's hospitals. Compared with international medical services, Taiwan's medical services are outstanding.--

Revamping Healthcare for a Changing World

Source : Taiwan Business TOPICS
Published : 2017-04-07

In just 24 years, between 1993 and the end of 2017, Taiwan will have gone from an “aging population” with some 7% of the population 65 years old or older to an “aged society” with 14% of its population elderly. This same demographic shift took 125 years in France, over 40 years in the United States, and even 25 years in the world's grayest society, Japan. Further, by 2025, one in five Taiwanese will be 65 years old or older, putting Taiwan in the ranks of the super-aged societies.

Taiwan's first self-pay five-star clinic to be open soon

Source : Taiwan News
Published : 2017-03-22

Taiwan offers considerable advantages in clinical trials

Source : Taiwan Healthcare+
Published : 2017-02-20

Taiwan's advantages including lower costs, quick processing, accelerated IRB review, a database based of the world's healthcare systems, and a strong IT industry.

Top Hospitals ranking in the world: 13th-Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital;15th-Taipei Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan

Source : Gazette Review
Published : 2017-02-20

In health care, like in many things, quality is important. Whether it's the education of the physicians, the competency of the specialists, or the compassion of the nurses, every detail can make the difference in patient outcomes. While the work of all health care workers is greatly appreciated, there are some facilities which on the whole, can be rated above others in terms of being of the finest caliber. Here, we take a look at the top 15 hospitals in the world, taking into account specialization quality, patient outcomes, research, and care philosophy.

95% Palau patients have chosen Taiwan as their top choice for medical transfer destination.

Source :
Published : 2017-02-20

Taiwan has become the top choice among patients in Palau as a medical transfer destination (95% percent chosen Taiwan). With the launch of a national health insurance plan in Palau and the Shin Kong medical team to boost medical exchanges between Taiwan and Palau The ambassador said.

Giving Parents with Serious Diseases Another Chance at Family - oocyte cryopreservation and electoejaculation

Source : I.B.M.I
Published : 2016-12-19

Affordable, high success rate, regulatory protection, bilingual communication, high quality medical and friendly environment, make Taiwan become the preferred country for artificial reproduction.
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